Abortion Lobby’s Lies Exposed

“You see, it’s been demonstrated that as many as 78% of abortion-minded women who see an ultrasound image of their unborn baby choose life.”

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Martin Fox of the National Pro-Life Alliance explains the power of an ultrasound to save lives of an unborn babies.  

You and I both know the abortion lobby will do whatever it takes to convince women that their unborn baby is “just tissue.”

But ultrasounds get in the way of that narrative.

That’s why the so-called “National Abortion Rights Action League” (NARAL) is targeting laws that give women the right to view an ultrasound image of their unborn baby.

In fact, NARAL has named overturning ultrasound laws one of their top legislative priorities.

That’s because the abortion lobby knows that when a woman sees her unborn baby, she will see right through their lies.

And sonograms show an unborn baby’s tiny heart beating from as early as six weeks.

You see, it’s been demonstrated that as many as 78% of abortion-minded women who see an ultrasound image of their unborn baby choose life.

Ultrasound laws expose the truth about abortion: that abortion ends an innocent human life.

But the abortion lobby is targeting this life-saving legislation to keep women in the dark about the truth of their grisly trade.

That’s why your National Pro-Life Alliance is fighting to pass strong ultrasound laws on both the state and federal level to expose the abortionists’ fraudulent lies.

And together, you and I will continue to fight for protections to save unborn lives.

For Life,

Martin Fox
Martin Fox, President
National Pro-Life Alliance

P.S. If you haven’t already done so, please click here to sign your petition in support of the Ultrasound Informed Consent Act.

After signing, please chip in with a contribution to help us mobilize grassroots pressure for the Ultrasound Informed Consent Act. The National Pro-Life Alliance’s address is 5211 Port Royal Road, Suite 500, Springfield, VA 22151.

Precious Moments of Life

BNA“Idle hands are the devil’s workshop” the saying goes and many times this is true. But I must say during this time of a slower-paced life and staying indoors it has given me an opportunity to learn new things – even when I’m not looking for them. Today I visited the Archdiocese of Philadelphia website to get an update on Holy Week livestreaming events. While on the site I flittered from one link to another gathering tidbits of information that I never knew existed. And then I landed on a video clip that mentioned Lily’s Gift and another aspect of being involved in the pro-life culture was opened to me.

Lily’s Gift is a ministry of parents and medical professionals who work to support parents who have been given a poor prenatal diagnosis. The program is in collaboration with the Archdiocese’s Office of Persons with Disabilities, the Office of Life and Family and Catholic Social Services. It follows the support training of Be Not Afraid (BNA). BNA is a private non-profit organization which provides comprehensive case management to parents carrying to term, rather than terminating the pregnancy, following a poor prenatal diagnosis and follows the ethical teachings of the Catholic Church. The stories and examples of parents who have received a poor prenatal diagnosis are heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time. We all know the excitement of learning of a new life and it’s difficult to imagine what it must be like the day you learn that your pregnancy will not be routine and your baby’s life could last just minutes after birth.  Below is an excerpt from a mother’s personal narrative about carrying an anencephalic child. Her story is even more touching because this happened to her with two pregnancies and her sister also experienced it with a son.

“There is no way to avoid the sad fact that she cannot live long after birth with this condition, but causing Charlotte to die earlier will not stop this happening. Causing her to die earlier will only take from us the beautiful experience of knowing and loving her.

The tragedy is not the fact that we know our baby will die. The tragedy is that our baby will die. It is not nice to know for months beforehand, but it gives us a chance to appreciate a life so brief, and not to miss a moment.

The value of Thomas Walter, Benedict and Charlotte cannot be measured by the length of their lives – we don’t apply this yardstick to adults, so why should we to babies? A baby is not a possession, an accessory to acquire. A baby is a gift, a new entity, a precious, individual soul loved by God. We are created for a purpose, there is a reason for our being here. Even if that reason is unclear to us most of the time, we are constantly affecting other people in our families, communities etc. Who knows what purpose can be fulfilled in 9 months and one day? I don’t know, but God does.”

There are many obstacles to overcome besides the emotional acceptance of what is to be. Organizations like Lily’s Gift offer support in the preparation of medical decision making and neonatal critical care. One couple offered advice in that they insisted that their child be treated as any other child after birth and they had a birth plan in place. The nurses and doctors were aware that they were not to treat this child with less dignity just because of the lethal diagnosis.

While it is so difficult to imagine these circumstances, it is comforting to know that there are organizations like this out there to offer support, answer questions and walk through this journey with these parents who are adamant about giving their child a right to life, whether it be just a few minutes, a few hours or a few years.

My idle time was well spent today. I was reminded that it is not just about parents who want to end a child’s life.  It is also about those parents who are willing to fight for those very few but oh so very, very precious moments of life.



Local Speakers Featured in Virtual Conference

We may not be able to physically attend a conference, but you can attend one on your laptop or desktop computer. There is one for men and women.

Some local speakers are slated to give a virtual presentation to (as of now) 25,000 registered attendees from all over the country.

Here’s a breakdown on who is speaking:

Bill Donaghy

Guest lecturer for the Theology of the Body Institute. He will break down the four pillars of manhood.

Mark Houck

Mark is the president/founder of The King’s Men and former missionary of Generation Life. He will discuss the right ministry for men to get involved in their state of life.

Christopher West

West Chester native will break down how to find peace in troubling times. (Perfect timing for his topic of discussion).

Damon Owens

A gifted storyteller, Damon Owens will share how men are called to joy and mercy.

Women’s Conference

Samantha Kelley

Samantha Kelley is a former missionary for the Theology of the Body Institute with a passion for fitness. She will discuss how fitness can improve our well-being.

Megan Mastroianni-Mahon

Can you be healed? Megan Mastroianni-Mahon, Assistant Director of Anthem, shares her testimony on how she was healed by the love of God.

Jen Settle

Jen Settle, Director of Programs of the Theology of the Institute and a consecrated virgin (read more here).

Registration for the conference is free. It is even a perfect time to enter into Holy Week. It runs from April 3rd-April 5th.

Visit here to register now and find out how you can own every talk.



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Two saves in Philadelphia. No Joking

No one will be April fooling you with this email from Dr. Monique Ruberu.

Praise God and praise the fearless prayer warriors who continue to show up and pray outside the abortion centers.

Praise God for the continued prayer support YOU are providing through our daily 12-hour vigil at home.

Today we have had reports of two women who chose life… one at Comley Rd and one at 12th and locust!!!


Here is the report from Pat Stanton about the save at 12th and Locust…

” She was meandering in and out of the Center… a young girl… twice we offered her help and resources but she wouldn’t take a thing…

A while later an older lady walked in… I approached her in the same way “Can I offer you any help?” She replied, “I’m not here for an abortion… I have someone in there”

Pat responded, “Will you take some resources in for her? You know this is murder”

sadly she shook her said and said, “I know”

Pat returned to prayer…

a short while later he was so thrilled to see the older lady coming out fists pumping into the air in JUBILATION.accompanied by her granddaughter..” we are KEEPING this baby!!!”
Pat shared all of the resources with them, made sure they had the numbers they needed to call for help and watched them walk away.
It was a good day. Thanks be to God!


Meanwhile, Anita Flynn shared about how an unlikely person helped pro-lifers in NorthEast Philly helped a girl to the pro-life side.
if you are not older or immunosuppressed and want to join pat and the few others on the front lines please reach out to pat (2677184851) to see how you can help there are some masks available for the few that go down.

please see the list of hours covered and let me know if you want to cover an hour of prayer at home.

hour(number of people)

Let’s bring every hour up to at least 2 people …

Saturday: 7(1),8(4),9(3),10(5),11(4),12(1),1(7), 2(2),3(2),4(3),5(1),6(1),7(1)

Sunday: 7(1),8(4),9(2), 10(3), 11(3),12(4),1(2),2(3),3(2),4(1),5(1),6(1),7(1)

monday:7(3),8(4),9(4)10(3),11(3),12(2),1(3),2(2), 3(3), 4(1),5(1),6(1),7(1)

tuesday: 7(2), 8(4),,9(5),10(2), 11(3),12(2),1(2),2(2),3(3), 4(1),5(1),6(1),7(1)

wed:7(3),8(4),9(4),10(2),11(3),12(2),1(3),2(2),3(3), 4(1),5(1),6(1),7(1)

thurs: 7(3),8(4),9(3),10(2),11(3),12(2),1(2),2(2),3(3), 4(1), 5(1),6(1), 7(1)

friday: 7(3),8(4), 9(3),10(2),11(3), 12(3),1(2), 2(2), ,3(4),4(2),  5(1), 6(1), 7(1)

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Light Shining Out of Darkness

At the start of every 40 Days for Life campaign there is PPHope. Hope that this time, at any particular vigil site there will be a SAVE. A mom who changes her mind and decides to keep her baby. Last week at the Northeast Philadelphia vigil site just such a thing occurred – and through the efforts of a most unlikely advocate, the security guard at Planned Parenthood who was outside there by himself later in the day. He shared the following details.

A young woman, about 25 years old had gone into PP and at some point, came back out distraught. She seemed immature – a party type. She said she was confused about what to do. Her boyfriend wanted her to keep the baby but would leave the decision to her. Her dad wanted her to keep the child also but her mom thought abortion would be best. As the guard listened to her story, he advised her to talk to her boyfriend again, to discuss all what being a parent entailed. He told her she was basically old enough to give it mature thought and know what she wanted to do, not just react without thinking it through. She took his advice and went back to the car and discussed it with her boyfriend and together they decided they would keep the baby. She called her mom who responded that she wasn’t going to be the babysitter! (how many times have those words been said until the baby arrives).

And just like that, a baby was saved from abortion that day. I thanked him for sharing the story and told him he’s a good listener. He said his position outside the doors of the PP is similar to that of a bartender. People come in and out those doors and tell him all kinds of things. He still believes a woman should have a choice, but in this instance he thought the young woman involved was so confused she needed to think things through. So the security guard was the light shining out of the darkness.

In sharing this story he also mentioned that about six months ago another woman came to PP thinking the only way to end an abusive relationship was to have an abortion. He provided her with information about Laurel House which offers support for women who are victims of domestic violence. He later learned she decided to keep the baby.

God works in mysterious ways and a calming presence in the midst of chaos might be all these young women needed. Aren’t the words of the poem below so true….

Light Shining out of Darkness

By William Cowper

God moves in a mysterious way,

His wonders to perform;

He plants his footsteps in the sea,

And rides upon the storm. 

Deep in unfathomable mines

Of never-failing skill,

He treasures up his bright designs,

And works his sov’reign will. 

Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take,

The clouds ye so much dread

Are big with mercy, and shall break

In blessings on your head. 

Judge not the Lord by feeble sense,

But trust him for his grace;

Behind a frowning providence

He hides a smiling face. 

His purposes will ripen fast,

Unfolding ev’ry hour;

The bud may have a bitter taste,

But sweet will be the flower. 

Blind unbelief is sure to err,

And scan His work in vain;

God is his own interpreter,

And he will make it plain.

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Spiritual and Temporal Proposals for a Pro-Life Response from Philadelphia Catholics to Coronavirus Concerns

The following is from Mike McMonagle, President of the Pro-Life Coalition of Pennsylvania.   


An Opportunity to Repent and Renew

The Catholic Church in our area – and throughout America – has led the pro-life movement’s response to the vast Culture of Death, particularly the killing of children before birth by abortion. She has equipped and exhorted many of Her Members to save millions of lives, mitigate God’s Judgment for this unspeakable crime, and provide realistic hope of ending this deadly injustice. The current coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns offer challenges to overcome and opportunities to assist the Church efforts to build a Culture of Life.

I propose that our spiritual and temporal responses include the following actions.

  • Re-open the Churches for voluntary attendance with social distancing
  • Call for repentance, healing not normalcy, nurturing, and renewed pro-life activities
  • Urge our civil leaders to act consistently with their own directives and close the surgical abortion facilities

The efforts of most Catholics involved in the pro-life movement receive tremendous benefits from regular Mass attendance and receipt of the Eucharist. However, because of COVID-19 concerns – and despite the ease of social distancing at almost all daily and Sunday Masses – Churches are closed, even though civil authorities allow for “life sustaining” services to remain open. The Mass and the Eucharist remain an essential life-sustaining service. The COVID-19 crisis offers an opportunity for Catholic clergy to proclaim their faith in the power of the Mass and Eucharist – and for the laity to make prudential judgments about attending Mass and receiving the Eucharist.

Our spiritual responses to COVID-19 concerns also need to include a call to repentance for the continuing vast practice of killing children before  birth in our nation and Archdiocese, which is, respectively, about one million and 30,000. Our nation is witnessing heroic actions by our relatively few medical providers in an effort to save those most vulnerable to COVID-19. Yet, our nation continues to overlook – and even applaud – the intentional killing, in far greater numbers, by other medical personnel of the most vulnerable among us – those children conceived but not yet born. Perhaps God is allowing our COVID-19 concerns and hardships to awaken us from this inconsistency and apathy – and make some reparation for our Culture of Death.

For certain, Scripture teaches us that God allowed the destruction of Israel and the Babylonian Captivity because Israel sacrificed their children to the pagan god, Moloch. President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed that God allowed the vast death and destruction of the Civil War as a chastisement for our nation’s practice and toleration of slavery.

The distortion of human sexuality and freedom into license has caused most of the manifestations of our nation’s current Culture of Death, particularly killing children before birth. The COVID-19 crisis is resulting in reduced physical contact and loss of individual freedom.

Meanwhile, leading pro-abortion public officials, such as New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who champions a “right” to kill children until birth, proclaims that our COVID-19 response should be guided by the need to “protect the sanctity of all human life.” The Church clergy and laity have an opportunity to respond to such brazen inconsistency.

While our Churches are closed, abortion facilities remain open because abortion industry personnel remain committed to provide their “service” despite COVID-19 concerns. Their directive to their “escorts” to stay away indicates that they are fully aware of the risk of COVID-19 exposure from their “patients.” Catholics have an opportunity to match or exceed this commitment by publicly praying, while socially distancing, at our area’s seven abortion chambers. Our area’s April 10, 2020 Good Friday Prayer Vigils offer an opportunity to launch this renewal.

Some other pro-abortion public officials, such as U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Gov. Tom Wolf, are attempting to use COVID-19 public policy responses to expand abortion. Meanwhile, most pro-life Governors,  who have ordered a halt to non-elective surgical procedures, are still allowing abortion facilities to commit surgical abortions.

Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania, through our actions and urging our legislators to act, we can resist Gov. Wolf’s attempts to abuse expanded Telemedicine services that could effectively eliminate Pa.’s informed consent and waiting period requirements for chemical abortions. Finally, our actions can include a massive turnout for the Pa. March For Life in Harrisburg, when it is re-scheduled.

Finally, let us pray for healing for individuals, our nation, and the Church –  and not just a “return to normalcy.” America’s normalcy had become a vast Culture of Death. The COVID-19 crisis has already closed many abortion chambers, reduced the number of abortions being committed, and caused people to re-evaluate their priorities. The COVID-19 crisis provides the Church with an excellent opportunity to promote a Culture of Life.