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Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones? Consider supporting local pro-life artist Mike Branhut. Mike creates beautiful handcrafted wooden plaques, pens, ornaments and more.

All of the proceeds from Mike’s sales this year will be donated to The Cenacle, our family life center in partnership with Catholic Social Services in Frankford! 

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Five Turnarounds; One Definite Save To Kick Off December

The following is from an email blast sent by Dr. Monique Ruberu.

On Monday Tony encountered a lovely young mom who he brought over to the Philadelphia Community Women’s Center and she has confirmed that she is keeping her baby!!!

On Wednesday we had 2 girls go over to the Philadelphia Community Women’s center for help after the rally!! 

On Friday Several of our prayer volunteers were present when a girl entered 777.  two women – one with a toddler arrived with an uber. The pregnant mom stated that she was too young to carry a baby,  but Tony and Alice were able to have a convincing conversation with the friend who had the courage to go into 777 and bring her friend out. Once out of there,  they were able to connect her to Pat who provided her with many numbers for support.  Her friend has pledged to continue walking with her,  and we are also willing to do so. At least for now that baby is saved,  please pray that the mom continues to choose life!!

Following that encounter,  a young girl drove up – Tony and Alice were able to speak with her as well,  and she drove away – please pray that she doesn’t return at another time!!!

Praise God that these amazing prayer warriors were present to intervene. 

December to Do List

The final month of the year. It is hard to believe that we have made it to the end of 2021 and we are looking to end the year strong.

Here is the list of things to do to make it a December to remember.

  1. Host a Christmas Caroling event outside of an abortion facility. Learn more here.
  2. Participate in your local praer vigils
  3. Collect coats, hats, scarves, and even gloves for the homeless
  4. Make plans to attend the March for Life in DC on Friday, January 21st. Cant go? Hold a local rally in your community.
  5. Write cards to single moms and their families
  6. Throw a toy drive for children of single moms
  7. Collect maternity items and donate them to Pregnancy Center near you
  8. Attend the dedication of the Christmas Creche near you
  9. Participate in a pro-life orgnization’s Christmas party.
  10. Donate to a pro-life organization before the year ends
  11. Recommit to the pro-life cause by the beginning of 2022
  12. Recruit someone at your parish

Make December a month where life is worth saving and living.

Mom Refused Doctors’ Suggestion to Abort Two of Her Quadruplets, Now They’re All Healthy

“When my parents discovered they were expecting four children at once, their doctors tried to pressure them into ‘reducing’ to twins.”

The following story by Maria Gallagher was published in Life News. She is the Legislative Director and Political Action Committee Director for the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation.

Once, while scrolling through my emails, I came upon a fascinating find.

It was a message from a man named Michael.

Michael came to his pro-life convictions naturally. You see, he is a quadruplet.

I will let Michael take up the story from there:

“When my parents discovered they were expecting four children at once, their doctors tried to pressure them into ‘reducing’ to twins.

“To the medical system, the lives of my brothers and me didn’t count—literally—unless our parents chose to carry us to term. And twins were ‘less risky’ for the doctors and the hospitals than quadruplets were.”

But Michael’s parents were convinced that all four of their children deserved a chance at life. Michael says that, despite scare tactics, “including telling my mother that she and all four of us would die if they didn’t choose abortion, my parents’ faith and belief in the equality of unborn life led them to protect us all.”

Michael’s parents dismissed the pro-abortion doctors and searched for new ones who truly respected the gift of life.

The result? All four babies were born safely, without any complications or health issues.

Michael added, “Knowing that I was only born because of my parents’ commitment to valuing all life, and willingness to put their lives on the line for those beliefs, I’ve always considered it my responsibility to defend unborn children. My right to life shouldn’t have depended on parents who would hold to their beliefs in the face of immense pressure from the medical system, and other children shouldn’t lose their lives because their parents lack those beliefs.”

So I would like to salute Michael’s family and all families of multiples who bravely rejected a doctor’s pressure to abort their precious offspring. The world is a better place with you in it!

Link to Life News Story

Philadelphia Women’s Center Attacks Christmas

777 appletree … one of the saddest places on earth where attacks against Jesus and everything He represents are real. Over 6000 babies are murdered every year here. Most of them are black… yet the BLM sign is displayed prominently.

Here is their front window… the top shelf is Saint dolls all holding signs that make fun of the pro-lifers that stand outside faithfully.

The second shelf they have taken the manger .. hung up a pro-choice banner within it, hung condoms from the statues of the three wise men..

Please pray for a conversion of hearts here, especially Heather Loesch, the security guard who has fallen away from the faith and has belittled many pro-life men and women alike with her vulgarity and ignorance

When loving, kind, compassionate prayer warriors come together outside this place lives are saved.

Please join us for 40daysforlife 365 outside both of the downtown Philly abortion centers.

Pro-Life Christmas Wishlist

So you have family, friends, and secret Santa on your list. Chances are they would like a gift centered around the pro-life message.

We have you covered. Before we proceed, you may want to check out these shops from 2020 to give you an idea.

The 2021 Christmas Gift Guide From Select Podcasts and Groups

Patchwork Heart Ministry

Anne DeSantis, Director of the St. Raymond Nonnatus Foundation, runs a podcast interviewing Catholics and their faith journey. Purchase their clothing line here.

Those Other Girls Podcast

The podcast speaks to women who have been victimized by the hyperactive oversexualized culture while attacking liberal viewpoints.

Podcast host Mallory Finch had an epiphany one day at the gym when someone wore a sweatshirt that read anti-social social club emblazed across it. It triggered the opportunity to use it to promote the pro-life message. Get your anti-abortion sweatshirt today.

The Culture Project

Check out gear from The Culture Project

Here are book suggestions for those who love to read

  1. Fighting for Life-Lila Rose
  2. American Marxism-Mark Levin
  3. Speechless- Michael Knowles
  4. The Case for Patriarchy- Timothy Gordon
  5. The Tyranny of Big Tech- Sen. Josh Hawley
  6. Blackout- Candace Owens
  7. The Long Slide- Tucker Carlson


Purchase some faith-themed apparel here. Need pro-life gear for March for Life in DC, San Francisco, or your own state? Check out their line here. Use promo code PhillyPhilly at checkout.

Pictures from Annual Stand Up for Life Dinner

Several attendees and board members submitted pictures from the annual event. See article here.

Enjoy the pictures of the event. Don’t forget to support pro-life organizations during #GivingTuesday campaign on Tuesday, November 30th. Learn more here.

Annual Stand Up for Life Dinner Returned in Person With Sellout

After a two year hiatus, the annual Stand Up for Life Dinner returned in person. Last year’s event was virtual which saw Matt Walsh and two award recipients while also the call for donations to continue the life-saving work of the Pro Life Union of Greater Philadelphia.

On Sunday evening, 1200 strong came out to the in person event while others streamed it live. The event was a sellout and the organizers couldn’t picture a better way to be back in person. However one person attended the event, everyone was inspired to continue the fight for life from womb to tomb while also contributing to advance the great works. The room was filled with people of all walks of life from people getting their feet wet in pro-life work at grammar school level up to the seasoned peaceful demonstrators that have many stories to tell to the younger and upcoming pro-life leaders and activists.

The event also saw three recipients who were awarded for their heroic efforts to defend life.

  1. Deborah Molina received the 2021 Be Not Afraid Award for leading Sidewalk Servants so faithfully since its inception less than five years ago. Through her efforts, babies have been saved between the 40 Days for Life campaign across the Greater Philadelphia Area
  2. Regina O’Reilly, a longtime member of the Pro-Life Union’s board, received the James Kelly Pioneer Award for her years of pro-life involvement
  3. Dominic Sceski received the John and Harriet Stanton Young Leader Award for his work with Generation Life and leading more young adults in getting involved in pro-life work.

We are proud of the recipients and for all of their hard work.

The event was headlined by Patricia Sandoval. She was a former Planned Parenthood employee who promoted sex education in schools. She shared about her abortion experience and how she saw how the abortion industry operated like a chop shop. Her involvement drove her to substance and drug abuse that at one point left her without food or water for five days. Then, God transfigured and healed her. She is now a mother, wife, TV personality on EWTN, and most importantly the daughter of the king.

“ALL of this is about GOD… how can we serve HIM with the little time we have on this planet. He is so generous to us. He gives His very flesh and blood to us every single day, He loves us more than we deserve, and He is so compassionate and forgiving.” Dr. Monique Ruberu said as she reflected on a very moving evening.

Father Chris Walsh ended the evening with a plea to “give to the Pro-Life Union as we approach Giving Tuesday on November 30th”.

Even Tom Stevens used the example of one couple who changed their mind on aborting their child thanks to the witness of Mark Houck, founder of The King’s Men. That baby was born and her name is Neveah. Stevens remarked that it is those who give alms,time and talent to cultivate the life-saving and giving messages to all.

See also our gallery from the sellout event here.