Testimony from the Sidewalk: Quakers for Life (University of Penn)

Quakers for Life

I got this update from the Quakers for life who spent time at 12th and locust…

Yesterday as we were handing out resources and praying outside of Planned Parenthood a gentleman who was cleaning the sidewalks stopped in between us and the escorts—

He told us that he always stops here and tells everyone that his mother got pregnant with him at the age of 14 and that he very easily could not be here. Making the right decision, she kept him and gave him up for adoption. He spoke of how lucky he was as he eventually got to have 2 moms and 2 dads.

He said it is his duty to show people how he wouldn’t be here and that everyone matters!

This was a very humbling and bone-chilling experience as over 4,000 babies are killed at this location every year. We didn’t get the man’s name, but we thank him for sharing his story as a testament to others while encouraging and reminding us all why we are out there!

Guys we have had more signs and resources stolen than ever before… Pat continues to make more signs and bring more pamphlets, but please do your best to bring resources with you.

here is the web address to print them out:


please help us fill the hours coming up – especially the holes for tomorrow

Tues 10/22/19: 777 appletree: 1,2

Wed 10/23/19: 12th and locust: 10,2

wed 10/23/19: 777 appletree: 9,1

Thurs 10/24/19: 12th and locust: 1,2,3

Thurs 10/24 777 apple tree: 1,2

Fri 10/25 777 apple tree: 9,10

sat 10/26 12th and locust: 11,1,2

Vandalism Results in Pro-Life Rally

A bucolic setting in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Scarecrows and cornfields.  Haystacks and mums. Autumnal trees dotting the highways and byways. And yet violence reared its ugly head here on the grounds of Lady of Guadalupe parish in Doylestown. Forty white crosses which memorialized those lives taken through abortion were defaced or broken on the church grounds on the evening of October 12th.   Local police are investigating the incident but in the meantime the parish and the surrounding pro-life community rallied together this past Saturday, October 19th, for a prayer vigil led by the pastor, Reverend Monsignor Joseph P. Gentili.

The prayer vigil not only provided an opportunity to publicly stand together to support our right to IMG_5767free speech on the abortion issue but also offered prayers for the person(s) who initiated this destruction.   Replacement crosses were provided by the Pro Life Union and the memorial display is now again intact on the parish grounds.  Additional details of this incident can be found at Patch.com

If the perpetrators thought this was going to stop the ardor of the pro-life community, they are sadly mistaken.  We too have a right to speak our minds on the sanctity of life – it is not a one sided argument although at times that is what it feels like.  So as long as parishes like Our Lady of Guadalupe are willing to publicly assert their support for a child’s right to life, we also will be there to be a voice for those who are voiceless.  We cannot bring back the children who have lost the battle of abortion but we can replace those crosses that stand in their memory as many times as need be.

Diamond and Silk Keynote Address at 2019 40th Anniversary Celebrate Life Banquet

Diamond and Silk, social media stars, were keynote speakers at the PA Pro-Life Federation banquet in Harrisburg, PA. Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, reported on their powerful speech about the sanctity of life of unborn babies.

Cable news commentators Diamond & Silk are known for their humorous take on the issues of the day.

But, before a massive crowd at the Celebrate Life Banquet in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the two sisters told the unvarnished truth about the tragedy of abortion.

“Can you imagine if Mommy had aborted us?” asked one sister to the other. Given the dynamic duo’s widespread popularity, it is apparent that a world without Diamond & Silk is unthinkable.”

The women, who are African-American, spoke frequently and forcefully about the impact of abortion on the black community. Indeed, African-American women have a disproportionate number of abortions—one of the nation’s most under-reported tragedies.

“Babies’ lives matter, too!” one of the sisters said to the crowd, which came to support the life-saving work of the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation, an affiliate of National Right to Life.”

Diamond & Silk decried the move by states such as New York to pass radical laws allowing abortions up to the moment of birth and providing no protections for babies who manage to survive abortions. They also lamented California’s decision to provide free abortion pills to college students. The pair posed this poignant point: Why not provide medication for free for people to live, rather than supply lethal drugs to take innocent lives?

The banquet also included a salute to National Right to Life Director of Outreach Ernie Ohlhoff, who received the 2019 PA Pro-Life Lifetime Achievement Award. Ernie was an engineer who became involved in the pro-life movement in the early 1970s in the Poconos. He eventually became the first president of the board of directors of the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation when it was established in 1979.

Click here for link to this article and the video.

4th Saturday Vigil Making a Grand Return featuring Christopher West

Pat addressing the crowd

The Culture of Death distorts freedom as a rationale for abortion. Learn more about the true nature of freedom and how to become a pro-life evangelist. Join us on Saturday, October 26 for the following three events: Prayer Vigil, Mass, and True Freedom Conference.

Prayer Vigil

First, join fellow pro-lifers at a Prayer Vigil from 8:00-9:00 a.m. outside Philadelphia Women’s Center (777 Appletree St., Philadelphia, PA 19106), which had the highest number of abortions performed in the Greater Philadelphia area last year (6,437 abortions).


Then, participate in Mass at 9:30 a.m. held inside the Howard Center at Roman Catholic High School (301 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107).

True Freedom Conference

After Mass, the True Freedom Conference will begin at 10:30 a.m. inside Roman Catholic High School’s Howard Center with speaker Christopher West. An internationally prominent evangelist and author, Christopher will provide inspiring, powerful insights into the true nature of freedom, especially sexual freedom. His message will equip and encourage attendees to serve as pro-life evangelists to persuade others to the pro-life stance.

All three events (Prayer Vigil, Mass, and Conference) are FREE to attend!

For more information, contact Pat Stanton at 267-718-4851.


Unplanned Movie to be Shown in 40 Churches this Coming Weekend in Waco, Texas Area

The following is from John Pisciotta, Director, Pro-life Waco.  If you live in Waco and haven’t had the opportunity to see this movie, there are many churches in the area showing the film on Friday, October 25th, Saturday, October 26th and Sunday, October 27th. 



Unprecedented showing of Unplanned Movie in churches October 25/26/27

A weekend showing of the Unplanned movie in over 40 churches in the Waco area. Wow, even more Central Texans will learn about the Abby Johnson conversion story and see realities of first trimester abortion.

This is the culmination of the work of over three months of the Central Texas Pro-Life Alliance. The alliance includes the Republican Club of McLennan County, the Republican Women’s Club of McLennan County, CareNet Pregnancy Center of Central Texas, Pro-Life Waco, 40 Days for Life Waco, and Church of the Open Door. This graphic is the top part of the full-page ad that appeared Sunday, October 20 in the Waco Tribune Herald.

The whole add can be found in the file below. To see if your church is showing the Unplanned movie, and to find times and locations for these churches go to www.40DaysforLife.com/Waco.

Start inviting your friends to take advantage of this opportunity. Unplanned is a game changer in the battle for preborn babies in the womb and for their moms.

Waco Unplanned Movie


Volunteer Recruitment Night with Legacy of Life


The Legacy of Life Foundation is having a Volunteer Recruitment Day this Thursday, October 24th at our Bucks County office! We will have both an afternoon and evening meeting to accommodate your schedule. The afternoon meeting will begin at 1:00 pm and the evening meeting begins at 6:00 pm.

Come and see out how you can make a difference in helping women facing unplanned pregnancies choose life and be good mothers!

If interested in learning about all the ways to volunteer please RSVP to Katie Hardwick at katie@legacyoflifefoundation.org or call 215-788-4051. We are specifically looking for volunteers interested in assisting with our three-year parenting program, hotline help, administrative duties, baby bottle drives, and more!

The women are changed by the LOVE they receive from staff and volunteers! Please join us and bring a friend!


Two Weeks Remaining in 40 Days Campaign; Help is Still Needed

Crowd Shot 3

In her latest email, Dr. Monique Ruberu elaborates on how 40 Days is in the stretch drive. However, she points out that the murders still happen beyond 40 Days and our presence is needed every day in front of our modern-day concentration camps.

Guys, all over the world other men, women, and children are uniting with you in prayer and presence outside these gates of abortion centers hoping to encounter people they can help.  They don’t know all the answers, the perfect thing to say, they aren’t super confident or comfortable being there. It is probably the last place they would like to spend an hour of their time. They are busy – just like you… they have jobs, school, family, events, stress, but they prioritize this. Just like you do and I just want to say thank you for your sacrifice.

Thank you for carving time out of your busy lives to focus on praying for and serving these families in need. Thank you for telling satan to take a hike when he tries to fill you with doubt and feelings of fear and inadequacy.Thank you for giving your resounding “YES, Lord YES” to Jesus when He prompts you to DO THIS WORK!!! Thank you for printing out resources to bring with you, thank you for inviting friends to join you… thank you for simply reading this email to the end and forwarding it onto your friends. May God bless you and yours for your unceasing help at this most desperate time.

These are the last 2 weeks of the 40 days for life fall vigil… we will continue to cover these places all year round through the sidewalk servants program, but you will get a weekly email from me with pro-life updates instead of a nightly one. If you are interested in continuing your commitment to pray at least once a month for 1-2 hours we would appreciate you signing up for the sidewalk servants program by emailing me back and asking me to add you. Sidewalk servants start the Monday following the 40 days (November 4th). You are welcome to join us weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly for the hours of your choice.

Please check out “sidewalk servant QuickStart” videos on YouTube to feel more confident


please print out resources to take with you to share:





please help us fill the last 2 weeks

mon 10/21 12th and locust pp – 11,2,3

Tues 10/22 777 appletree: 11

Wed 10/23 12th and locust: 2

Wed 10/23 777 appletree: 8,9,1

Thurs 10/24 12th and loc: 1,2,3,4

Thurs 10/24 777 appletree: 12,1,2

Fri 10/25 777 appletree: 9,10,1,2

sat 10/26 12th and locust: 11,1,2

please also help us sell out the Ladieslovelife.com pro-life women’s conference 11/16/19 in Huntingdon valley – fashion show, amazing speakers, panels, vendors, raffle, 50/50

all proceeds will be used to pay for co-pays and office visit costs for GYN care of women who choose to leave planned parenthood to have care at natural women’s health GYN practice where they will receive life-affirming care.

– trying to stop abortion in these women’s lives before they are pregnant.

Mary, Charlie, and the Babies

Charles Rice

The following is from Judie Brown of American Life League about Charles Rice.

Professor Charles Rice (Charlie) and his lovely wife Mary were devoted to each other, to their family, and to the babies. John Dejak, who studied under Charlie at the University of Notre Dame, wrote,

“Never without the Rosary in his pocket, he was a true son of Our Lady. He defended her as he defended his own bride and he defended her school when even the authorities within would dishonor her.”

We are honored to say that Charlie was one of the founding advisors to American Life League back when it began in 1979.

Charlie’s devotion to the mother of God—the Blessed Virgin Mary—was widely known and appreciated. So it only stands to reason that when we launched the Marian Blue Wave, it was Charlie’s writings that immediately came to mind.

He authored a pamphlet entitled “The Pro-Life Movement: A Spiritual Perspective” in which he said that the

“primary emphasis of the movement . . .  will be on prayer, especially the recitation of the Rosary, combined with sidewalk counseling, at abortion clinics.”

Indeed the Rosary, if understood correctly and prayed with diligence, is the greatest spiritual weapon we have in our effort to end abortion.

Like Charlie, all of us at American Life League are committed to the babies without exception and without apology. We know in our hearts that after 46 years the so-called politics of abortion simply is not working.

Oh yes, folks say that the Supreme Court is about to undo Roe and Doe. And the pro-aborts scream bloody murder that any regulation of abortion or the facilities where the abortionists ply their trade is a threat to reproductive health, not to mention being nothing less than a war on women.

But you know what? That is all gobbledygook. So let’s get to it. Let’s look at the reality, which means that we must start with truth, not a headline, not a slogan, and certainly not a tweet.

It really is all about the babies, and that is why the Marian Blue Wave has become American Life League’s hook for helping people see the facts through the lens of faith. The reason is simple: Truth without faith is nothing. It does not exist. 

So why the Marian Blue Wave? Well,

Our goals are many, but the first and most important one is to engage as many of our fellow Catholics as possible—especially priests and bishops—in projects to extol the virtues of praying the Rosary and use it to advance a call to holiness and evangelization.

We need this because the biggest reason why so-called pro-life politics does not work is because, even now in 2019, few people realize that every abortion kills a child of God—a unique human being with his own DNA.

With each and every Rosary we pray, we ask Mary to intercede for us in this struggle and to open eyes to the fact that every preborn child—from his single cell embryonic stage forward—is a member of the human family.

We know that abortion is evil. We know that it is an act that kills a member of the human family, but we also know that the vast majority of our fellow human beings do not see this truth. They do not, for whatever reason, think of abortion as an act of killing.

Therefore, because we know that God is the Author of Life and Mary is the mother of God, our recourse to her in this struggle makes imminent sense. And it is not without precedent. Battles of the past have been won thanks to the Rosary. So why not this one? By trusting in Mary’s glorious intercession, we will see victory for the babies.

As Charlie said:

At the beginning of this tract I offered the opinion that “the pro-life movement, in secular and political terms, is absolutely, utterly hopeless.” And we have no reason to presume that God will spare this nation the punishment we have deserved for our slaughter of the innocent. This is not to say, however, that the cause itself is hopeless. In human terms it clearly is, for the reasons outlined herein. But we need not fight in merely human terms. Recalling the words of the Angel Gabriel, “Nothing shall be impossible with God” (Luke 1:37), we have every reason for confidence if, in addition to our work, we repent, trust God and call on Him for guidance and help, particularly through the intercession of Mary, His mother.

Mary, Charlie, and the babies have called us to attention. The Marian Blue Wave is our strategy; we trust God for the victory.

Join us today.

LifeNews: Planned Parenthood Abortionist Admits She Wanted Lamborghini for Selling Baby Parts — Deacon John’s Space

LifeNews.com Pro-Life News Report Friday, October 18, 2019 To read the news, visit LifeNews.com. Top Stories • Planned Parenthood Abortionist Admits in Court She Wanted Lamborghini for Selling Aborted Baby Parts • Law & Order SVU Trashes Pro-Lifers: “Old White Men Trying to Control Women’s Bodies” • Abortionist Pulls a Gun on a Pro-Life […]

via LifeNews: Planned Parenthood Abortionist Admits She Wanted Lamborghini for Selling Baby Parts — Deacon John’s Space

Learn about the workers that left Planned Parenthood


The following is from Shawn Carney of 40 Days for Life

Since 2007, 191 abortion workers have converted and left their jobs through a 40 Days for Life campaign.

This is often a long, tough, and beautiful journey that shows the redemptive power of Jesus Christ.

This fall, the 40 Days for Life headquarters team’s two former abortion workers have visited dozens of vigils to pray with and encourage prayer warriors…

…but before they hit the road, former abortion provider Dr. Haywood Robinson and longtime Planned Parenthood manager Sue Thayer joined me on The 40 Days for Life Podcast to provide an insider’s view of the abortion industry: