Judge Won’t Dismiss Case, May Punish David Daleiden for Exposing Planned Parenthood Baby Part Sales

“This sham case was launched by dirty political dealings between Planned Parenthood and Kamala Harris and must be thrown out, so the justice system can finally focus on the real criminals who sold baby body parts.”

Below is the Life News report of the ongoing saga of journalist David Daleidin’s trial for the ‘crime’ of uncovering Planned Parenthood’s selling for profit, post-aborted baby body parts. Planned Parenthood’s real crime of profiting from their unspeakable actions is brushed aside by the California prosecutors.

Daleiden could be sent to jail for the so-called “crime” of exposing Planned Parenthood’s allegedly illegal sales of aborted baby body parts and alleged murder of born-alive infants. He and fellow Center for Medical Progress investigator Sandra Merritt face multiple felony charges for invasion of privacy in California.

The pro-abortion news outlet Rewire reports federal Judge Christopher Hite accused Daleiden of “criminal activity” Tuesday when he refused to dismiss a 2016 search warrant for Daleiden’s apartment issued by then-California Attorney General Kamala Harris.

Defense lawyers argued that the search warrant was politically motivated, and Harris worked closely with Planned Parenthood officials to prosecute Daleiden after he exposed their horrific abortion practices. Harris, now a Democratic presidential candidate, also accepted huge campaign donations from the abortion chain.

But Hite refused to dismiss the warrant, writing: “Even assuming Daleiden was a journalist at the time of the recordings his actions would not be protected by the California Shield Law or the Federal Privacy Protection Act under the circumstances alleged in the search warrant. While this newfound freedom of information and speech brings about different perspectives and discussions, it does not give either the media or a citizen journalist free reign to violate criminal laws applicable to the general public.”

Though Hite did not issue a final ruling on whether the case should proceed to trial, Rewire predicted that a full trial appears likely.

The Center for Medical Progress said testimony from the preliminary hearing demonstrates that Planned Parenthood, not Daleiden and Merritt, is the one that should be prosecuted.

“There was never any legal reason to prosecute CMP investigators for recording public conversations,” the group said in a statement Wednesday. “This sham case was launched by dirty political dealings between Planned Parenthood and Kamala Harris and must be thrown out, so the justice system can finally focus on the real criminals who sold baby body parts.”

“The threat of this prosecution is in the threat of finding that undercover investigations and recording in place where people could generally overhear your conversation, or in blurring the line so much that journalists or investigators won’t ever record because the threat of prosecution could wax and wane from second to second,” Matthew Strugar, a First Amendment attorney in Los Angeles told the news outlet.

Even Rewire, which reports from a pro-abortion perspective, acknowledged that Daleiden’s prosecution could have serious “repercussions” for all undercover journalists.

No other journalists have been prosecuted for similar undercover investigations under California law, Daleiden’s and Merritt’s defense lawyers contend.

The preliminary hearing began two weeks ago with a witness for the abortion industry admitting that the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) videos were “not altered.” Then, a biotech company CEO who worked with Planned Parenthood could not deny that they harvested aborted babies’ hearts while they were still beating. The hearing will determine whether the case should go to a full jury trial.

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12 Creative Ways to Be Pro-Life

Crowd Shot 2

The following is an article post from Regnum Christi, written on January 26th, 2018. To find out more visit their website here

So often when asked about how you live your pro-life convictions, a few responses come up. The main ones are going to events like the March or praying outside an abortion clinic, writing your congressperson, and helping the local crisis pregnancy center.

Regnum Christi members live their pro-life beliefs through their family witness, and by sharing the truth about the dignity of life and of the human person in the way they form apostles in all of their evangelization efforts.

There are so many other creative ways to be pro-life: here are 12 ideas we got from being together with the Church during the March for Life.

  1. Talk about It

Nicole of the Susan B. Anthony List mentioned how important it was to talk to your neighbors, “it doesn’t have to be hard; it doesn’t have to be intimidating. There’s a lot that people don’t realize: like Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton actually legalized abortion on demand through all nine months of pregnancy… Did you know that we’re one of seven countries in the world that allow abortion on demand after five months of pregnancy?  The culture is pro-life… the vast majority of Americans are not OK with the status quo.”

Rehumanize International tries to present the pro-life message to people with different philosophies. C.J. Williams noted, “It is important to be able to speak someone’s language when trying to reach them with the principle that human life is intrinsically valuable.” She explained how not understanding them can sound by way of analogy, “You go to Mozambique and you speak English and they don’t understand you.”

Fr. Matthew Schneider, LC, noted that we can be pro-life on social media. He stated, “Most people are in the middle and can be moved. Stories move them more than arguments and are less confrontational. There are so many stories of great things those saved from abortion have done. Posting one of them starts a conversation without starting an argument.”

  1. Create an Environment to Help Pregnant Women and Moms

Several colleges at the Students for Life conference mentioned new initiatives in recent months to help support pregnant women on campus. At the Students for Life Conference, the biggest standing ovation was when Madeline Runkles came on stage. Madeline is the one who wrote a Washington Post opinion piece after feeling shunned by her Christian school for being pregnant and encouraging schools not treat young woman choosing life so harshly.

Emily at the University of Michigan spoke about an initiative fundraising for a scholarship for a new mother, which they are awarding to a woman giving birth in February. They’ve even arranged babysitting for the first 8 weeks when that mother has class from among the students in pro-life club. She values this, “Because it shows real compassion for real people who are struggling with real problems like child care and money.”

Colleen Connolly from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond explained how they helped change a student guide: “I was able to edit the official document that VCU health gives students on campus to women when they get a positive pregnancy test. This paper has… the three options of abortion, adoption, and keeping the child. What the paper didn’t have was a lot of resources that were pro-life, resources such as OptionLine to help them make this choice… There are a lot of options out there to help students make the choice for life. We just need to be more educated, be more passionate, and be more ready to have the resources on hand to let these women know they are not alone.”

  1. Showing the Value of the Disabled

Right now in the USA, 2/3 of babies diagnosed with Down Syndrome in the womb are aborted. Some Down Syndrome parents and people with Down Syndrome Marched to show their beautiful lives. One group had two signs reading, “Celebrating the gift of Down Syndrome,” and “Abortion is not the cure for Down Syndrome.” Another group called Keep Infants with Down Syndrome (KIDS) had young people with Down Syndrome carrying signs joyfully.

Other disabilities also matter as this woman in a wheelchair held a sign, “Life is intersectional to all human rights!” Abortion can be targeted against the disabled, and is thus a form of discrimination. Another woman was shocked when her brother and sister-in-law had a test done on their unborn baby for a genetic condition she had and would have aborted if the baby had that condition. She continues, “[They] had nothing to say when I asked if they thought I should be dead.” Abortion creates an environment that devalues the disabled and valuing the disabled tend to reverse this attitude.

At the Rally and Mass for Life, just before the March, the Archdiocese of Washington concretely helped the disabled by having a sign language interpreter on the corner of the screen the whole time to help the deaf.

  1. Welcome Those Saved from Abortion in the Church

Several new programs have been designed to help Churches welcome mothers and children who might have considered abortion.

Care-Net runs Crisis Pregnancy Centers but wants to go further. Kathy LoBuglio explains, “Pregnancy is not a nine-month event. Crisis pregnancy centers are there to help women and men making pregnancy choices, to help them make a life-affirming choice. But many times women and men… are thinking about 18 years.” In response, she says, “The Church needs to step in and have a ministry for those people who are considering abortion. Then after they make that decision, the Church needs to be the organization and support structure for long-term discipleship.”

Embrace Grace lives by its slogan, “No single woman should walk alone.” Jessica Russo explained their mission: “We exist with the mission of equipping the local Church to love and support single and pregnant girls.” They organize a 12-week program about identity and value that culminates in a baby shower for the new mothers.

  1. Promote Fertility Awareness

Dr. Robert Motley, MD of FACTS (Fertility Appreciation Collaborative to Teach the Science) notes how so often the discussion about fertility treats it as a problem. Many physicians are taught to assume Fertility Awareness (also known as NFP) is ineffective: however, they’re basing this on published information that’s 40 years old which wouldn’t fly anywhere else in healthcare. FACTS found many of the current methods are quite effective – well over 90% – in real use, which is similar to oral contraceptives. He suggests women get informed about the methods to be educated consumers who can either get help or a referral from their doctors.

  1. Treating Everyone with Dignity

Bridget who’s currently at Franciscan University of Steubenville noted, “One thing that I think is important for us as pro-lifers is by visiting the elderly in nursing homes and caring for their life and their dignity.” Bridget was part of Challenge earlier and this is often an apostolate young woman in this youth ministry engage in.

Laura Kiziort with the American Life League gave a simple way to be pro-life: “I think you can be creative with pro-life if you treat other people in your own personal life with respect and dignity. That might mean cooking for a single mom or helping out a large family with their laundry and cleaning… If you pray at an abortion clinic that’s great; but then if you go home and treat your brothers and sisters with disrespect, you’re not being pro-life.”

  1. Defending the Status of IVF Embryos

One of the new frontiers of pro-life legal action is what happens to frozen embryos when a couple who’s done IVF breaks up or similar. Embryo defense is trying to get a law passed to require consent of both parents before destroying embryos created via IVF. The current law allows one party to kill “their portion” of the embryos, even if the other party objects. Sasha McQueen explains: “Embryos should not be considered property and right now they’re considered property in all the states except Louisiana.”

  1. Focus on Virtue

Marriana Leach of The Culture Project, a program based on John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, noted the importance of virtue. She exclaimed, “Virtue is what we need to restore the culture.”

Kimberly Bowler of Pure in Heart America in Boston spoke about virtue too: “Our mission is to proclaim the virtue of chastity and to uphold the sanctity of human life for all ages.”

  1. Provide Medical Help Including Perinatal Hospice

Save the Storks provides mobile medical units that provide pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. Since they are redesigned buses, these 54 units can park outside a high school or on a college campus to provide woman with the tests they want, while offering them pro-life resources to help save their babies.

A creative form of medical help that is perinatal hospice, which is for families with children who won’t survive long after birth. A woman from Tepeyac OB/GYN explains their program: “We allow woman to have time with their baby whether it be minutes, hours, days or weeks.” She says, “It honors times between moms, and whole families, and their babies who have been diagnosed less than ideal outcome.” She went on to explain how they do a studio photo shoot and how they offer a stuffed animal that has the babies heart rate recorded to be activated by a press.

  1. Art and Music

Rebekah Martinez recorded a pro-life musical track called “We Stand” about the fight to help women who feel alone. She thinks music is a wonderful way to spread the message because, as she says, “People listen to this music; they hear it and they hear the message.”

Mark from Exodus Forty explains their evangelization through apparel. “The way we decided to attack what it is to be pro-life is to go to the youth,” he said, “Our idea is using the apparel that we as young people just love to walk around with.” They had a wide variety of clothes with Christian and pro-life messages artfully printed on them.

  1. Targeting Pregnant and Abortion-Minded Women Online

Online our messages often go out haphazardly to everyone. However, the Human Coalition has discovered how to target women who might consider abortion through search engine marketing. Lauren Enriquez explains, “Human Coalition is a technology-driven pro-life non-profit and our goal is to rescue children by extending compassionate care to their mothers.” They find these women online then give them individual help.

  1. Help Those in the Abortion Industry Get Out

It can be tough for those in the industry to get out: if your last job was nurse at an abortion clinic, it’s harder to be hired than if you were a nurse at hospital or family doctor. And Then There Were None helps those in the industry get out. Nicola states they’ve helped 419 abortion clinic workers quit in 5 years. She explains, “We offer financial assistance, emotion support, spiritual support… We have resume services; we serve as their job hunter so we don’t stop until we find them a job.”

Abortion Rates Lowest Since 1973


The following is a statement from Students for Life of America.

A recently released report from the Planned Parenthood-linked Guttmacher Institute finds that as best as we can measure, the number of abortions and the abortion rate are at the lowest rate since 1973, when abortion was legalized nationwide.

The Associated Press reports, “The number and rate of abortions across the United States have plunged to their lowest levels since the procedure became legal nationwide in 1973, according to new figures released Wednesday.

The report from the Guttmacher Institute, a research group that supports abortion rights, counted 862,000 abortions in the U.S. in 2017. That’s down from 926,000 tallied in the group’s previous report for 2014, and from just over 1 million counted for 2011.

Guttmacher is the only entity that strives to count all abortions in the U.S., making inquiries of individual providers. Federal data compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention excludes California, Maryland and New Hampshire.”

While some would say that it because access to birth control, that is not 100% clear. About 50% of people who have abortions say they were using contraception when they conceived. The 50% number also comes from the Guttmacher Institute.

Students for Life@StudentsforLife

The abortion rate has hit a record low.

We will continue to work EVERY SINGLE DAY to abolish every abortion!

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It’s likely that pro-life initiatives have helped, which the Associated Press acknowledges, including numerous pro-life laws.

Other pro-life work including pregnancy resource centers, maternity homes, and the Pregnant on Campus Initiative, and similar student outreach like it, have helped lower the abortion rate and the number of abortions.

The article also notes, “Over that period, the abortion rate dropped in Ohio by 27% and in Texas by 30%, but the rate dropped by similar amounts in states that protected abortion access, including California, Hawaii and New Hampshire.”

Students for Life of America will continue to work to abolish abortion. You can learn more about how states can abolish abortion below.



LifeNews: Discovery of 2,200 Aborted Babies in Abortionist’s Home Will be Investigated — Deacon John’s Space

LifeNews.com Pro-Life News Report Tuesday, September 17, 2019 To read the news, visit LifeNews.com. Top Stories • Attorneys General Will Investigate Gruesome Discovery of 2,200 Aborted Babies in Abortionist’s Home • Abortionist Who Kept Aborted Babies Did Abortion on Raped 10-year-Old, Never Reported Rape • Pete Buttigieg Opposed Pregnancy Center Providing Alternative to Abortionist Who […]

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One Week Until 40 Days fo Life; Philly Pro-Lifers Are Needed


40 Days for Life is around the corner and you are all encouraged to participate. It is a chance for pro-lifers to take their pro-life convictions to the streets and even the public sidewalk.

Philadelphia area and its surrounding suburbs have campaigns. Each one will include a link to a previous blog post, so you learn more about it.


Learn about the largest non- Planned Parenthood facility . More than 6,000 babies are killed every year five floors above a daycare.


Behind the Philadelphia Women’s Center is Planned Parenthood in the number of abortions conducted every year in Philadelphia is Planned Parenthood’s Elizabeth Blackwell Center, located at 1144 Locust Street. It was there that pro-lifers were harassed by State Rep Brian Sims. He would go on to dox a group of teenage girls and is now in the process of being censure by the statehouse. Additionally, it has failed one state inspection after another.


In the Northeast section of Philadelphia, there is a Planned Parenthood near Roosevelt Boulevard. All are encouraged to attend if you are near or around NE Philly.

Sue Thayer

In Bucks County, there is a Planned Parenthood located in the Warminster section where abortions are committed on certain days. All those in Bucks County are encouraged to attend.


Planned Parenthood is located near a poor section of Norristown. Pro-lifers in Norristown area and Montgomery County are encouraged to participate. Learn about the vigil here.

West Chester PP

For pro-lifers in or around Chester County, there is a 40 Days campaign outside of West Chester Planned Parenthood. Learn more about vigil hours here.

To sign up for 40 Days for Life in your area, visit here. Your presence matters.

Pro-Life Waco Remembers Babies Lost to Abortion on National Day of Remembrance

The following is from John Pisciotta, Director of Pro-Life Waco, regarding the memorial service held this past Saturday in Waco, Texas.  


Tomb of the Unborn Waco

Waco is one of just 40 American cities where the remains of babies lost to abortion are interred. The name of the burial site is Tomb of the Unknown Baby.

Thanks to Jennifer Nolan, Tom Harrison, and Nancy Harrison for decorating the Rachel’s Park Memorial for the weekend of September 14 and 15. Wolf Nursery donated fresh flowers. Pro-Life Waco used radio and newspaper ads to invite everyone to come out and pray at the park.

We particularly invited moms and dads seeking God’s forgiveness and healing from abortion experiences. The park features 4,000 small crosses, a large cross dominating the site, the Tomb of the Unknown Baby, and a Wall of Remembrance where babies lost to abortion can be memorialized with small plaques.

When you are in Central Texas, I encourage you to visit Rachel’s Park Memorial. The address is 4720 N. 19th Street, virtually across the street from McLennan Community College. The memorial site was created by the Rusty Thomas family.

Pro-Life Waco is a local community-based organization with collaborative relationships with regional and national pro-life affiliations. Pro-Life Waco is committed to ending abortion, its damaging effects among women, and promoting chastity. For more information on Pro-Life Waco, please use this link.

Mourning the Loss of Over 60 Million Babies to Abortion

Pro-lifers gathered last Saturday at memorial sites for the National Day of Remembrance. In 1989, after my first visit to an abortion site, I was devastated by the thought of babies being ripped from their mother’s womb. With deep sadness over the loss of so many precious little lives, the following verses came pouring out on paper.

Who Will Mourn
Who will mourn for the helpless unborn
as the slaughter of the innocent daily goes on
Who will mourn with the mother deceived
by the lies of the enemy and in silence must grieve
Who will mourn with the father denied
the kiss and caress of his toddling child
Who will pray for the soul which is lost
who kill the innocent and not count the cost?
Who will mourn with Our Savior above
as they kill and destroy His Gift of Love
Who will mourn for the helpless unborn
if not the children of God…..then who

Philly Pro-Lifers Remember Victims of Abortions at Two Local Cemeteries



Participating in a nationwide event, fifty pro-lifers from the greater Philadelphia area came out in solidarity for the victims of Gosnell’s House of Horrors at Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia and IHM Cemetery in Linwood.


At the vigil in Linwood, 210 babies were buried there in 1988. Walter Gies shared about Monica Miller’s book “Abandoned: The Untold Story of the Abortion Wars” as he read recounting how those babies were found and retrieved and ultimately buried respectfully.


“I was quite upset to consider the constant dilemma of where to put all the bodies when 3,000-4,000 babies being aborted DAILY in the USA alone.”

Group Photo Laurel

The events were attended by pro-lifers of all walks of life. The memorial at Laurel Hill Cemetery was made possible by John and Loida McKeever.


John and wife, Loida McKeever made the remembrance day possible.

LH Map

Laura Gies later shared a testimony on Facebook about someone who shared with her an experience of one of the mom’s at Gosnell’s House of Horrors in the Mantua section of Philadelphia back in 2006.  This is excerpted below:

“The young lady was only 14 yrs old… and our friend and someone else accompanied her cousin into the Gosnell clinic.” Laura further said, “She told me they were waiting in the waiting room, and eventually someone came to inform them they should leave and they would call when the young teen patient was done and ready to go home. They called to come to get this 14-year-old after the late-term abortion, at 3 AM!!”

Sadly, in the aftermath of the decision from thirteen years earlier, this young woman, now 27 years old, does nt seem to be able to have children.

These horrific acts of abortion must come to an end. The solution is for Catholics, Protestants, Jewish, Muslims, and non-believers to come together and say “enough is enough” by taking a bold stand for life.

We cannot stand in the sidelines anymore. We need to be bold, brave, and heroic if we want to stop the murders that happen in our communities. All are encouraged to sign up for 40 Days for Life.


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