My First CPAC Experience

Last week, I attended CPAC for the first time. This year it was held in Orlando due to the restrictions from its preceding location in Baltimore.

The event gathers thousands of like-minded conservatives from all across the United States and even parts of the world. Those in attendance got to hear from elected officials and even personalities in conservative media.

Below is my review of the event.


The even proves that big gatherings can be held as we navigate past COVID. Florida has been open for business and it was an outstanding choice on their part to allow tourism and event large events happening. Yes, Karen, people were wearing masks when walking around.

Many topics were covered during the event, especially our bill of rights. Many elected officials have taken time to talk about what is plaguing our country.

The ecumenical committee is growing at CPAC, particularly among Jewish, Catholics, and Protestants. Even Fr. Frank Pavone was present to celebrate mass for Catholic attendees.

A great red carpet of the upcoming Roe v Wade movie.


The only miss that is worth nothing is the results of a straw poll conducted by The Washington Times. The poll was to gauge attendees on the top three issues pressing them. Surprisingly, the recent election and its integrity was Number one with almost 70% of the votes. The issue that came in last was pro-life. How disappointing.

Overall, I do recommend attending. Pro-Lifers should not pass on a chance to connect with other pro-lifers and hopefully we can make this a more pressing issue.

New Book from Brendan Lyons

Brendan Lyons, author of Single Candles, has released a new book. This time, Lyons release a children’s book that shares what a child hears while in the womb of his or her mother.

Pro-life groups can order the book from me for a 50% discount if they buy 5 or more. For more information, contact the author at and we can work out an order.

You can also purchase this book as a shower, birthday, and even just a general gift to families with small children here.

Urgent Action needed to Prevent Taxpayer Dollars going to Abortion in COVID Relief Bill

If you haven’t contacted your Senators on this bill, please do so by using the link provided below to send your message today. The Senate is expected to vote on this bill sometime this week.  There is no reason our tax dollars should be supporting abortion nor should it be included in a COVID relief bill.

Human LIfe Action


Last Friday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a new COVID relief bill, called the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, which addresses the needs of many vulnerable people related to the pandemic. Unfortunately, unlike previous COVID relief bills, this bill appropriates billions of taxpayer dollars that are not subject to longstanding, bi-partisan pro-life protections that are needed to prevent this funding from paying for abortions. The Senate is expected to vote this week.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops wrote to Congress to express its support for additional COVID-19 relief that prioritizes the poor and vulnerable and its strong opposition to any taxpayer dollars going to abortion as part of this legislation, saying that the Hyde Amendment policy must be included before this bill moves forward. Your voice is critically needed today to tell your senators to support amendments that prevent abortion funding, and to work for their inclusion in the final bill. Click on the image below to send your message! 

Take action

Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat – This weekend!

Retreat takes place this weekend in Malvern, Pennsylvania.  See details provided by the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia below.  

Rachels Vineyard

Rachel’s Vineyard will be hosting a Post-Abortion Healing Retreat this weekend from Friday, March 5th to Sunday, March 7th at the IHM Spirituality Center in Malvern, PA.

“Are you suffering from the wound of abortion? A Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat is a non-judgmental, safe, loving and confidential environment.  Come and experience the mercy and compassion of God by attending the upcoming retreat. The experience will give you hope for your future and freedom from the pain within your heart and soul.”

For information, call:  Georgeann – 484-955-4278 or  Susan – 610-716-4795. Financial aid is offered if needed.

First Friday Life Chain in Warminster & Wish List for our Pregnancy Help Centers


The Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition invites all pro-lifer prayer warriors to join us for our monthly First Friday Life Chain on Friday, March 5 , 2021 at the Warminster Planned Parenthood at 610 Louis Drive.

For the winter months it was decided by our Outreach Committee  to change the time of these monthly Life Chains to 12:00 noon for the winter months. 

We are also asking for those who attend to consider bringing some items for Blessed Margaret Home, Legacy of Life and A Baby’s Breath.  Here is a list of what they need:  diapers, size newborn to size 6; baby wipes, formula (Similac Advance).  Use this link for Legacy of Life’s wish list. 

In order to social distance properly,  we will  stand and pray on both sides of Louis Drive in front of Planned Parenthood. 

We hope many will join with us to pray for an end to abortion at this facility as well as other facilities in Southeast Pennsylvania and across the country.  Signs will be provided for this event.

Please read the Code of Conduct for our Life Chain below

1 — Be humble but be bold as you stand today against the greatest injustice our nation has ever faced.
2 — In the spirit of Christian love, commit to being peaceful, prayerful, and polite, in word and deed. Any misconduct from passersby should be met with silence, which will convey your inner peace.
3 — Do not respond to motorists. Please stay silent and prayerful and your
response to any situation will be proper. Do not wave or gesture. Do not
frown or smile in response to motorists. Our mission is to pray and stand
against abortion—with the solemnity our mission deserves.
4 — Help others. Watch for mothers (and dads) who need help with children, and assist the elderly with chairs and other needs.
5 — Pick up any trash near you before leaving your area.
6 — Drive carefully, and park legally. Buddy-up, if possible, to minimize
traffic woes. Use crosswalks, and do not hold up traffic. Watch your small
children at all times. During the Chain, stand back from the street and do
not extend your sign over the curb. Give immediate passage to other
pedestrians. Only small children should eat during the LIFE CHAIN.
7 — Thank you for being a strong public witness for Christ and for being an
exemplary citizen in our local area.

(Published by Please Let Me Live, distributed by LifeChain.Net, 2002.)


The Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition is an organization that believes in the sanctity of life from the moment of conception to natural death.  We provide financial and material support to area crisis pregnancy care centers that endorse the sanctity of life.  To expand our mission, we provide information and education to the community.  Follow us on Facebook using this link.  

Preemie of the Week: Doctors Left Benson to Die at Birth, But His Parents Fought for Him

Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him.Psalm 127:3-5

Tim and Meg Artman were told that their son, born at 22 weeks, would not survive. Doctors left him to die. Benson Artman is alive and thriving today. Read this miraculous story posted in Live Action by Nancy Flanders.

In November 2017, Megan Artman went into premature labor at just 22 weeks and five days. She and her husband Tim were told their tiny son Benson would only live a few hours, but Benson had other plans. Today, he is a thriving three-year-old.

Benson was born weighing just one pound, two ounces. Believing he would not survive, doctors left him to die on his mother’s chest. At first, doctors wouldn’t even help Benson warm up because he wasn’t considered to be viable. But his parents fought for him, acknowledging that God was in charge of Benson’s life, not the doctors. Five hours later, he was still breathing and the medical team decided to step in and help him.

“They all expected him to die within an hour but after going strong five hours after birth and still breathing consistently with a decent heartbeat, we told them we weren’t giving up on him,” Artman wrote on Facebook. “They tried to convince me to hold him til he died but we’re taking the neonatal route to intervene for his life. They’re making an exception for him because they’re all so shocked at how well he’s doing and they don’t usually even try for babies born quite this early.”

Baby Benson (22 weeks)

Once the medical team saw that Benson was responding to medical assistance, they transferred him to a different NICU that was better equipped to care for a baby so young. Benson spent six months in that NICU before finally receiving the green light to join his three big sisters at home. Now, three years later, he is an active toddler who loves the outdoors, climbs on everything, and rides his scooter. Artman wrote on Facebook:

Lately, our little toughguy has been busy:
+Potty training
+He is now officially out of his crib
+Learning ABC’s and 123’s
+Spotting colors and animals
+Enjoying lots of books, coloring and outside play time
+Speaking new words and phrases every day with increased clarity
He is sharp, quick, obedient and compassionate, and literally doesn’t miss a beat. Glory to God!

Benson continues to shock doctors with his progress, to the delight of his parents, who give all the glory to God.

While some doctors still deny care to babies born as young as Benson was, babies born as young as 21 weeks have a small chance of surviving if given proper medical care. The number of hospitals throughout the United States and the world that are able to care for babies born so early is expanding, as more doctors realize that with the right equipment, lives can be saved. Benson is living proof of that.

Live Action News Article

Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition Monthly Meeting to be Held This Monday, March 1st

Meeting reminder 2

This is a reminder of our monthly Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition Meeting for Monday March 1, 2021 at 6:30 PM, at the location of A Baby’s Breath, 65 W. Street Road, Warminster, PA , Bldg. B; Suite 203. (Keep in mind that the regular monthly meeting for March will be on March 29, 2021)

Topics of discussion will be:

  • Debrief on the Pro-life activities this past month.
  • Pro-Life goals and direction for the year 2021. This will include ways to support the Crisis Pregnancy Centers, upcoming Lenten activities such as First Friday Life Chain, the ongoing 40 Days for Life and the annual Good Friday service.

This will be an important meeting as we welcome new members to bring to the table thoughts and ideas for expansion of the Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition.

Mike McMonagle will speak on upcoming issues that need our participation in contacting legislators and stepped-up awareness and participation in pro-life activities in Center City and local communities.

We encourage all to attend this meeting and be active.

Legacy of Life Foundation asks for Baby Needs

The baby supply closet—which is usually filled with diapers, wipes, formula, and clothing for new babies—is now completely bare.

The need to raise $20,000 by April 2, 2021 to meet their unexpected budget expense and restock their supply closet. They just received matching funds that will double your cash gift up to $5,000.

You can bring your cash and/or baby supplies to the meeting. Also, as we did last month, donations can be brought to First Friday Life Chain at Planned Parenthood on March 5, 2021.

Roe V Wade Movie Slated for April Premiere; Learn How to Support It

Last night, the Red Carpet was rolled out for the screening of Roe V Wade. The film tackles the true debate that happened with the landmark Supreme Court of the United States.

The movie is the first feature length film that lays out the actual facts about the controversial decisions casted down by the Supreme Court.

The movie followed the storylines of Dr. Bernard Nathanson and Dr. Mildred Jefferson who were the two central figures of the national debate, both of late. Nathanson is known as the founder of NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League). He was the trailblazer that saw New York pass legalized abortion that paved the way for Texas to make vits case all the way through the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, Jefferson, the first African American to graduate with a medical degree from Harvard, would be pulled into the debate as she saw abortion for what it is, murder. She would be the founding pioneer of National Right to Life.

The movie is slated for release on April 2nd.


Cheri Ballinger, the executive producer of the project, was honored to have been a part of the project. She encourages everyone to host a screening of the film in their communities. While some theaters cannot reopen or are likely to close, she does encourage everyone to host either a virtual screening, location screening in your community, or a theater screening in your area. Fundraising is encouraged.

“Film is such a beautiful medium to inspire people and share the truth” Ballinger shared. “A lot of work and film and funds were put into making this film possible.

See this remarkable movie that is much needed. Host a screening. Let us get behind this timely movie that spills the truth of the actual decision.

Pennsylvania Action Alert! Please Contact your Legislators on the Following Bills

Pennsylvania action alert

Here are some Bills that will be introduced this legislative session.  We are asked to contact your legislators and ask for their support on the following:

  • B. 118 – The Unborn Child Dignity Act would ensure burial or cremation of babies lost before birth.
  • B. 289- would require abortion centers to post the results of state health inspections on their websites.
  • SB 21 – would ban the abortion of a baby solely for the reason of a prenatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome.
  • HB 184 – would strengthen the penalties for assisting in the suicide of a minor or person with intellectual disabilities.

To find contact information for your Pennsylvania Legislators, please use this link.

The Anti-Life Agenda of Xavier Becerra

Pro-Lifers and every American should be more concerned as the Biden Administration continue to to add another so called “Catholic” to a scandalous cabinet. The agenda is simple; death.

His nominee to fill the HHS Department favored euthanasia in San Francisco. In addition to euthanasia, Becerra is also in favor of coercive action towards religious groups.

Becerra even went after David Daleiden when he took over for Vice President Kamala Harris. The crime? Exposing his ally, Planned Parenthood.

This move from the Biden Administrations shows that he is out of touch, not a Catholic, and has nothing real in store for our country.