Moving Boldly Forward

by Anita Flynn

I’ve recently read the Planned Parenthood 2017-2018 Annual Report online and have decided to take a page out of their book…. but tweaked it a bit (in bold lettering)  to tell the other side of the story – the side of children who cannot defend themselves and are relying on us to speak for them.   The below paragraph is a revised version of PP’s “Message from our Leadership”.   Everything PP claims to do we also are doing – but in the name of voiceless children:  moving boldly forward, going on the offensive, having fundamental truth on our side!! 

my life is mine

“Despite the challenges ahead, we will move boldly forward and expand our reach, our services, and our impact. With more of our supporters in positions to effect change, we are no longer simply playing defense — we’re going on the offensive.  There is a huge unmet need for the people we serve (unborn children and their mothers!). But we’ve got fundamental truth on our side: that your body is your own. If it’s not, you cannot be truly free or equal…..and each child’s body is his or her own!!”

Living in a society that accepts ending an unborn child’s life is surreal for those of us who believe a life should have value.   We are urged constantly to attend to the needs of every vulnerable group out there…except the unborn.  For some reason they are the only ones who have been deemed “discardable” by our electorate.  And to society’s disgrace, this practice is not only accepted but applauded and paraded about as if taking a child’s life is a sign of independence and strength.   

One way you can go on the offensive against abortion is to participate in the 40 Days for Life Campaign.  Join a local campaign near year and show your support for our unborn children.  If you need a little nudge to get involved, check out your state’s Department of Health website and see the number of abortions recorded.  In Pennsylvania, we had 30,818 babies aborted in 2016…that’s 30,818 reasons for me to get involved!

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