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Facebook – yea or nay?   While I enjoy keeping up with the activities of friends, family and coworkers I am finding myself more disturbed by the two-faced charitable nature of some postings.  There are a fair amount of  “feel good” postings espousing pet projects or causes however, that same positive vibe is completely shut down the moment a pro-life sentiment is raised.  All of a sudden it’s back to the  “mind your own business” mantra.

There were times I was tempted to post a rebuttal knowing full well this would not change any minds.  So I decided to go old school and send a letter to the editor of my local newspaper, The Philadelphia Inquirer.  I am still a work in progress when it comes to publicly communicating my pro-life beliefs so I was a bit apprehensive to have a letter published with my email address attached it.  However, I also realize God gave us a voice and expects us to use it to do good.   My letter was chosen to be published this past weekend and the reader response directly to me has been mostly positive.  It’s reaffirming to know there are others out there supporting the right to life!

Since today’s news organizations have forsaken fair reporting for a blatant liberal bias it is paramount we continue to give a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves.  Below is my published letter (with the editor’s revisions!).   Good luck with the one you soon will be writing to your local newspaper!

Helping others is an innate urge when times are tough.  During the recent government shutdown Facebook posts offered assistance to those missing paychecks.  Donations of food, clothing, and gas money spontaneously popped up.   And when speaking of the opioid problem it is centered on what can we do to get users the help they need or at the very least a willingness to administer naloxone so  they can live another day in the hopes of finding treatment   People want to do good and that should make us all feel good. Except when it comes to mothers and their unborn babies.

When this topic arises, I am told to mind my own business.  I find this puzzling.  Why am I urged to get involved in crowdfunding requests to assist in various humanitarian needs and yet when I want to support the life of an unborn child I am told to mind my own business?    I have stood peacefully outside an abortion center and never yelled at those entering. I have prayed for the child and the parents who sadly cannot see any alternative but death as a solution to their circumstances.    I have offered alternatives such as the Community Women’s Center of Philadelphia which provides free pregnancy testing and ultrasounds as well as housing, food, baby supplies and counseling.   And I have offered the assistance of Rachel’s Vineyard, an organization that counsels those suffering through a myriad of emotions after having an abortion.

There are vulnerable members throughout society, but to single out a mother and her unborn child as unworthy of our concern is beyond understanding. And this is why I won’t mind my own business, just as others don’t mind their own business when they see someone in need.

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  1. nancy shuman February 21, 2019 / 6:25 pm

    Thanks — I needed to hear this! Blessings on your writing career!

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