Top Waste Hauler Executives Quit ….

Stericycle CEO, Board Members Retiring

from Mark Harrington, President, Created Equal

Columbus, OH – March 1, 2019 – In a press release, Stericycle, the world’s largest waste hauler, announced the retirement of top-level executives including Stericycle’s CEO Charles Alutto. For several years, Created Equal’s innovative Project Weak Link has been exposing top management for participating in the America’s abortion industry. 


Despite dropping contracts with hundreds of abortion facilities, Stericycle continues to lie about its transportation and disposal of fetal remains. Our message continues to be clear: Stericycle must dump the abortion cartel altogether or face continued public exposure, humiliation, and more criminal charges.

“We are praying that the new CEO and board members might have a new willingness to drop Planned Parenthood and the abortion cartel. Maybe now Stericycle will come to understand that collaboration with the abortion industry is immoral and bad for business.” – Mark Harrington, President, Created Equal

Project Weak Link will keep the pressure on all medical waste companies until none of them enable the abortion industry.

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  • Send Created Equal pictures and video of the medical waste companies that service your local abortion centers.  Send information to
  • Contact incoming CEO Cindy Miller at 847.367.5910 and respectfully request that Stericycle stop disposing of aborted babies and the instruments used to kill them.

If you want to make it possible to sever the weak link between abortionists and the disposal companies, donate to us here OR send your check to: Created Equal, PO Box 360502, Columbus, OH 43236. Your gift is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

One by one, city by city, abortionist by abortionist, enabler by enabler, we will keep exposing the illegal activity of the abortion cartel until abortion is abolished entirely.

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