First Save of 2019 Lenten Campaign in Philadelphia!

The following is from an email correspondence sent out to everyone from Dr. Monique Ruberu, recapping the first day of the 2019 Lenten Campaign

They saw her exiting the building… it was late in the afternoon at 777 appletree where 6000 babies lives are ended each year.

The sidewalk escorts no longer blocked their way as they headed in her direction. She no longer represented $$ for them.

Mary Jo and Peggy were convinced that the young mom had chosen abortion, so they approached her quietly hoping to offer love, resources, and support in this difficult moment.  Maryjo handed the pamphlet to the mom with the “Help after abortion” message visible to her.

She reached out and took the pamphlet. She read it and looked at them. In a quiet voice, she said, “I changed my mind”

They were overjoyed!! Stunned!! It was almost as if they had never witnessed a save before.  They were able to speak with her further and find out that she is newly pregnant with the baby due in November. She has been suffering from nausea and vomiting of pregnancy.  They were unsure if there were other concerns, but they informed her of all the phone numbers she could call to address her needs and assured her that HELP IS AVAILABLE!

Thank God for those who are willing to stand in the gap! God bless all of you! Every hour was covered today.

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