Lent: What to Do

As I am posting this blog, many of us are scrambling to make a last minute decision to consider what to give up or do extra during these next forty days of Lent.

Well, let me assure you, it should not be as stressful as planning your wedding or any other momentous occasion.

These 40 Days of Lent are to be used as a time of self-reflection and even time of sacrifice. It is also a time to draw yourself even closer to our Lord and Savior who gave it all. So allow me to break down what you can do.


  • Visit adoration every week during the 6 week period
  • Participate in 40 Days campaigns near you or make the sacrifice to drive into another city of town
  • Give up bashing an abortion worker or volunteer (escorts included)
    • Offer a prayer or Holy Hour for their conversion (it’s a plus if you know their name)
  • Pray the Stations of the Cross and offer it for the victims of the silent holocaust of our time.
  • Pray instead of complaining about how challenging a task is in front
  • Give time or money to a homeless shelter or pregnancy center
  • If a pregnant woman changes her mind and needs help, throw a baby shower and offer to take her to the doctors and even babysit her other children (if she has any).
  • Do an extra chore
  • Offer your next communion for the repentance of those in the clergy who victimized minors.
  • Pray the mysteries of the rosary with a pro-life reflection. Here’s one that’s very powerful. A baby was saved outside of an abortion facility in Philadelphia when a warrior prayed 20 mysteries straight. Buy it here: https://www.amazon.com/Life-Rosary-Powerful-Prayers-Abortion/dp/194020934X/ref=sr_1_2?
  • Pray the St. Joseph Novena (March 10th-18th)
  • Offer a Divine Mercy Chaplet for the conversion of those involved with abortion
  • Limit your use of the phone, unless you’re making a phone call.

Use these 40 Days to practice the works of mercy. (Hopefully, you know what they are) every 14 of them are important during the season of repentance and fasting. Use these 40 Days as a way to be closer to Jesus on the cross and to humble yourself when encountering those who hate you.

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