Black Pro-Lifer Says Protecting Black Babies From Planned Parenthood is the Civil Rights Cause of Today

By Micaiah Bilger
Life News

Black pro-life advocate Elizabeth Parker believes the inherent racism within the abortion industry has turned abortion into the civil rights issue of today.

In an interview with Breitbart News, Parker described how Planned Parenthood was founded on eugenic discrimination and how it continues to target the black community today. Parker is the regional coordinator for Students for Life at Mississippi Valley State University.

“At the end of the day, the Civil Rights movement is still very much alive, because we have to fight for this when it should just be a basic human right,” she said.

She said she works to expose Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger’s life-long dedication to eugenics on college campuses in her area.

“I was able to give some history [about] how and why Planned Parenthood was started, [and] why Margaret Sanger started the eugenics movement,” Parker said. “She literally sterilized people. … Margaret Sanger literally started a movement to decrease the black population, to decrease the ‘unwanted’ and the ‘undesirables,’ whether that be low-income or the mentally disabled, but very specifically the black community because we were growing at a rapid rate.”

She said abortion has become a sort of modern-day lynching.

“… it almost feels like they found a new way to begin to lynch us, and I know that sounds pretty harsh, but it’s the truth,” Parker continued. “So they don’t have to hold the noose anymore, they have fooled the minority community into literally taking the use and almost using it on themselves by walking into that clinic and paying for these procedures, these abortions.”

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