Rhode Island Catholic Mom Fights Abortion with Powerful #MeStillMe Campaign

The following article is from the Catholic Vote.  If you haven’t heard of the #MeStillMe Campaign, this article will explain why  Nichole Rowley conceived of this idea. 

by Katie Yoder, Catholic Vote

A new campaign led by a Catholic mom is showing that babies are human persons both inside and outside the womb – with pictures.


Rhode Island’s pro-life citizens are currently battling legislation that ensures and expands abortion statewide: the Reproductive Privacy Act and the Reproductive Health Care Act (RHCA). Like New York’s new abortion law, the bills permit abortion before viability for any reason and after viability for the sake of the mother’s life or health. But while politicians are debating with words, Rhode Island moms are wielding photos of their babies taken both before and after birth.

The idea is a part of Nichole Rowley’s #MeStillMe campaign.

Use this link to find out more about Nichole’s campaign


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