First-Hand Account from Fall 2018 Campaign at Philadelphia’s Women’s Center

This is the following from the Facebook account of Pete DeMaio, who prayed in front of Philadelphia’s Women Center (777 Appletree Street) several days ago.

Several days ago many moms celebrated the loss of their baby. Babies lost, moms & dads wounded! (Don’t forget dads. We suffer too. We lose a baby but also have to watch our love, our wives, suffer and can’t fix it or protect. Breaks our primordial, alpha need as men).

On Wednesday Tricia DeMaio and I had the privilege to witness down at the 777 apple tree Abortion mill.

The workers proudly wear their shirt “abortion 100% of the time 0% shame”
I asked the sidewalk employee if she would take a picture of Tom Stevens, Tricia and I. She refused. I asked her what her deal was and she told me “don’t talk to me. I’m not talking to you” I guess that was the sign in their window that says – Bring Only Love.

Meanwhile when I tried to hand someone a bag with the info she almost shoulder blocked me putting herself between me and the person. I wasn’t feeling the love… we prayed Thx Tom!

Then it happened: A young girl came out with a worker and family member walking her/carrying her out. She was wounded. She could barely walk or stand up. I felt the gut shot. My heart ached. I wanted to help. Nobody did anything. She had a “procedure”

Tragic & Senseless death and another wounded mom.

PWC Signs

A few minutes later we met Nice. He told me we shouldn’t be there because we didn’t understand. I asked what? He said do you mind if I drop some knowledge on y’all. I said sure. He said you’re making people feel bad and not everyone agrees. He said I have 4 kids. Do you know how hard it is to have 4 kids? Tricia said yea we do. We have 6. He humbly quieted down. (I didn’t realize there was a contest for who can impregnate women more times. I’ll suit up and wear my Stallion jersey next time for the competition. Lol 😆)

Since I won that one and now had street credibility for having more children than Nice 🙄, I said do you mind if I drop some knowledge on you now? I did. His little cousin was in there having an abortion because she just had a baby a year ago…

Our Petey and Nicky are 1 year apart. They’re best friends. They’re my whole life 😢 I love them more than I’ve ever loved anything. Alyssa came 17 months later. I didn’t think I wanted a girl. She melted my heart. I’m still in love. It’s intoxicating. Jenna and Cenzo are 15 months apart. It’s wasn’t convenient. They wouldn’t know each other if we chose “choice”

Finally, I’ve never been a part of a save. Harmony comes waking out. As we stood holding a sign and praying the rosary, Harmony looked at us and said “I’m not gonna do it. I can’t do it. I can’t kill my baby. I’m 2 1/2-3 months pregnant”.

She climbed over the rope and came to talk to us. Tricia and I reassured her. She said the “counselor” keeps trying to convince her it’s better.

Our Lady intervened!

The counselor came out and said “harmony you’re on the wrong side”
Look at the picture of the “counselor” smoking a cigarette trying to convince harmony to come back in while Harmony is calling for a ride home and probably family guidance and support.

Tricia, a former nurse, said that’s informed consent? Is that person even credentialed to counsel?

This is 2018. This is what we’ve got. Love Saves Lives. Abortion Kills. Abortion wounds moms and dads. #40daysforlife. Get involved. Do something. Every 20 seconds a baby is being brutally murdered; a fellow human person; a soul.

Pray to our Blessed Mother. Ask her to go to her Son. Prayer & Fasting. Visit to sign up today.

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