Maryland Action Alert: Ask Your State Senators to Vote NO to SB311

From Maryland March for Life 

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The MD House of Delegates voted in favor (74-66) of HB399: End of Life Option Act (aka Physician-Assisted Suicide) last week.

Now we must stop it from moving forward in the Senate.
The Senate Judicial Proceedings committee is planning a vote on SB311: End of Life Option Act very soon…likely within the next week.
Proponents of the bill are already making their voices heard to the senate committee members AND their state senators.
We need to make our voices heard!


Contact your senators TODAY and ask them to vote NO to SB311: End of Life Option Act.

Maryland Right-to-Life action alert: 

Maryland Catholic Conference action alert:  


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The Maryland March for Life is a grass roots, non-partisan, non-sectarian organization that is comprised of the many pro-life and pro-family groups throughout the state of Maryland. The Maryland March for Life does not seek to supplant existing pro-life organizations, but rather seeks to strengthen them by encouraging better cooperation and communication.  For more information, please use this link. 


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