Time To Meet Your Mom

Down Syndrome baby

Mom.  A small and simple word but one that is so powerful.   Hi Mom!  Where are you Mom?  Can I go, Mom?  Do I have to, Mom?  Mom, you’re so mean! I hate you, Mom!  I love you, Mom!

The mother-child relationship in a perfect world can be beautiful and strong, the way God first intended. But in an imperfect world, this bond can be broken and twisted for a myriad of reasons.  Being pro-life often means we see the darker side of the word Mom.  We see moms that do not have the purest intentions in their hearts for their babes and sometimes we can forget how beautiful and perfect this relationship was meant to be.

But every now and then we get a glimpse of it as I did recently when hearing a song for the first time entitled “Mom”.  Its lyrics tell the story of conversation between God and a baby who is about to be born.  God is telling the child how wonderful it will be to meet your new mom.  What a powerful message this could be to those moms who aren’t quite ready to be moms.  If they could only hear the tenderness in these words telling the child it will be all right, I believe it could make a mom change her mind from abortion.  It also reminds all of us how much we will miss this person called Mom when she is gone – because she was so simple and yet so powerful in our lives.

The lyrics are below and a few video versions can be found here and here.  Take a listen and enjoy the purity of the gift God has given us in our moms. And pray that one day all moms will tell their babies “you’re gonna be alright.”

Mom (by Wynn Varble & Donald Sampson)

A little baby told God, “Hey, I’m kinda scared
Don’t really know if I want to go down there
From here it looks like a little blue ball
That’s a great big place and I’m so small”

“Why can’t I just stay here with you
Did I make you mad, don’t you want me to?”
God said, “Oh, child, of course I do
But there’s somebody special waiting for you”

So, hush now baby don’t you cry
‘Cause there’s someone down there waiting
Whose only goal in life
Is makin’ sure you’re always gonna be alright
A loving angel, tender, tough and strong
It’s almost time to go and meet your mom

You’ll never have a better friend
Or a warmer touch to tuck you in
She’ll kiss your bruises, your bumps and scrapes
And anytime you hurt, her heart’s gonna break

Now, when she’s talking to you
Make sure you listen close
‘Cause she’s gonna teach you everything
You’ll ever need to know
Like how to mind your manners
To love and laugh and dream
And she’ll put you on the path
That’ll bring you back to Me

So, hush now little baby don’t you cry
‘Cause there’s someone down there waiting
Whose only goal in life
Is making sure you’re always gonna be alright
A loving angel, tender, tough and strong
Come on child
It’s time to meet your mom


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