Should we Start an Underground Railroad for Babies?

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Recently I had a message from a woman who is distraught (as we all are or should be) over the recent laws passed by many of our states allowing abortion up to birth and in many cases right after birth which we know is infanticide.

She told me of a dream she had of passing these babies through an ‘underground railroad’.  A dream which could and should be implemented.

Of course this would take a lot of networking and the help of nurses or other personnel actually present during the time of the scheduled abortion or birth.  Lawyers to help with the adoptions and most importantly families willing to take these babies and give them a loving home.

How many of us would be brave enough to risk life or livelihood to help our fellow man?  Are we committed enough as those who helped the slaves escape to safe houses from the late 18th century up to and including America’s Civil War? Would we be willing to sacrifice all to help God’s precious little ones as those who helped Jews escape the arms of Hitler and his henchmen during the World War II?

CB’s message is below.  Please read it and let us know your thoughts on her idea. Can CB’s dream become a reality?  I ask that after reading, you comment below or send us an email with your thoughts to

CB’s Dream 

I had a vivid dream last night. I was in the ER with an injury, and I overheard two nurses talking about a woman in Labor & Delivery, who had just given birth. After holding and snuggling with her child, she called the nurse over, to tell her she changed her mind about keeping the child and wanted the child aborted. The nurse was distraught, desperately wanting to save the baby. I screamed for the nurses to come to me and begged for them to let me have the child and not abort it. I pleaded for them to protect it and not let anyone harm it. Thoughts raced through my head, as the words came pouring out of my mouth…like, we really can’t afford another child right now, but we will find a way and make it work.

Can you imagine if, together, we can save these inconvenient babies? I would much prefer a structured, legal way to do it, but maybe vigilante justice is what it will take to stop this, until a better solution is found. Let’s call this what it is – MURDER. These babies lack a voice and protection. Someone has to stand up for them. Will you? CB

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