40 Days for Life Update for Warminster, Pennsylvania Planned Parenthood


from Melissa Chapman, 40 Days for Life Warminster Coordinator

Warminster Spring Campaign

Thank you so much to Keystone Church, Nativity & Shrine of Czestochowa, St. Aphonsus, St. Maria Goretti, and everyone else for you’re incredible coverage last week!  You are all incredible, faithful neighbors to those in our community looking for hope and help.  There have been 167 known lives saved since these 377 spring campaigns began around the world on March 6!  Please let me know if you see any cars turn around, or direct anyone to A Baby’s Breath or elsewhere for help, so that I can include anything that happens here in Warminster.

Now that we’re halfway through the campaign, I did want to pass along somethings from the weekend.  While I was completing the training, the leadership team mentioned that as we get further into the campaign, people in our community will start thinking about why we’re there, including post-abortive women and men, and abortion workers.  On Sunday, a woman pulled up with her infant in the back seat and was upset, angry & crying saying how she had an abortion here and they saved her life and now she has a baby, then pulled away.  There are a lot of materials in the box, including pamphlets for post-abortive support & healing through Rachel’s Vineyard in Doylestown and A Baby’s Breath two complexes down that you can give her, if she returns, or anyone else who may do the same.

Also, there has been a man in a red car with tinted windows coming around the site, saying things like “go home”.  This is expected, however, he did call the police on two of our volunteers. He claimed that they were standing in the driveway (yes, there are two) on a Sunday night.  Warminster PD knows that we are out throughout the day and night and they know we are a peaceful, prayerful vigil.  Please stay at the public right of way, bring a flashlight at night, and if this man (or anyone else) returns and tries to pull something else, do not engage, cooperate with the police and leave if needed but please let me know.  I forwarded the information from the incident to 40 DFL so they are aware and will contact them again if the need arises.

Needed Hours This Week

  • Tuesday 3/26: noon-2pm, 3-7pm, 8-midnight
  • Wednesday 3/27: midnight-3am, 4-11am, noon-midnight
  • Thursday 3/28: midnight-(4am, 6am-10am), 1pm-midnight
  • Friday 3/29: 1-3am, 5pm, 8pm-midnight
  • Saturday 3/30: midnight-9am, 3pm-8pm, 10pm-midnight

Please contact Melissa to sign up for one of these times.  Her email is  hemler.chapman@1791.com

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