Unplanned Opens in Waco, Texas and Nationwide on March 29

from John Pisciotta, Director – Pro-Life Waco


The “big day” is almost here. The Unplanned movie opens in Waco and nationwide in hundreds of cities this weekend. It is extraordinarily important that there are an abundant number of paying moviegoers this weekend so that the movie will remain in theaters for many more weeks.

In addition, to your paid opportunities to see the riveting Abby Johnson story, Pro-Life Waco and Care Net have opportunities for you to see the movie free Thursday the 28th and also on Friday the 29th. The number of free tickets is limited. To inquire about free tickets, communicate with prolifewacorsvp@gmail.com. For those important paid tickets, use cash or a credit card to take your family and friends to see the movie. I just can’t wait to see the movie.

Abby Johnson is a good friend of Pro-Life Waco and has spoken on numerous occasions without financial compensation at Waco events. In appreciation for what Abby Johnson has done for the Waco pro-life movement, CareNet and Pro-life Waco are encouraging all to swamp the movie theater in the week ahead.

To find a theater near you, please use this link. 


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