2018 Abortion Statistics for Southeast Pennsylvania

Crying baby.jpgIn a recent email Mike McMonagle, President of the Pro-Life Coalition of Pennsylvania,   reminds us how important our prayerful presence is needed at our local abortion mills.

Below is that portion of his email, the statics from the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia  showing the abortions committed in our area as well as a link to a post from Mickey Kelly showing the hours of operation for these abortion mills.  We all have very busy schedules, but I encourage all to take some time to pray and give witness at one of these places.  We know by the attachment the number of babies killed at these centers, but we may never know the number of babies whose lives were saved by our prayerful witness.

‘As a stark reminder of the need for our prayers and presence at our area abortion chambers, I am attaching a copy of the Pa. Department of Health abortion statistics for the first three quarters of 2018.  (These numbers do include chemical abortions, which are now approximately 40% of the abortions committed in our area and State.)  These numbers indicate that the number of abortions at our area abortion chambers has increased over 2017, with the only decline occurring at PP’s Comly Road abortion chamber in Northeast Philadelphia.’

PLU Abortion By Facility In SEPA 2018
Abortion Facility Hours in the Greater Philadelphia area

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  1. apeppink April 2, 2019 / 9:42 pm

    Mike McMonagle. Good man. Remember him from Operation Rescue way back in the day. God Bless him.

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