Court Upholds Revocation of Late-Term Abortionist’s License

from Mark Harrington, Created Equal 


Columbus, OH – Mar 29, 2019 – Abortionist Martin Haskell’s final Ohio abortion facility may be closing its doors. After skirting Ohio law requiring a transfer agreement with a local hospital, Haskell’s facility license for the Women’s Med Center of Dayton was revoked by the Ohio Dept of Health (ODH) in 2016. However, Haskell immediately appealed the revocation. Today, the decision of that appeal was handed down in favor of ODH’s revocation of the license.

For years, Created Equal’s ProjectWeakLink has partnered with local activists to seek closure of the doors of this facility and others run by Haskell. In 2015, Created Equal targeted Haskell’s relationship with Wright State Physicians (WSP) group—driving mobile billboards throughout Dayton, OH and mailing postcards to neighbors of WSP members enabling Haskell—by which he’d received a variance to operate without the transfer agreement.

In 2016, Haskell failed to secure the needed physicians to support his variance. Thus, his facility license for the Dayton abortion facility was revoked by the Ohio Department of Health (ODH). Jennifer Branch, Haskell’s attorney, credited Created Equal’s ProjectWeakLink with the decision. From the Associated Press story, 

The anti-abortion group Created Equal had launched a campaign aimed at calling out doctors involved in abortions, which included posters, mailers and vehicles circulating through the doctors’ neighborhoods publicizing their names.
‘Other ob/gyn’s in the community saw what was going on and didn’t want to be part of it,’ Branch said.

Now that the 2nd District Court of Appeals of Ohio has upheld the decision by ODH to revoke Haskell’s facility license, we must wait to see whether he will appeal again.

Keep watching for updates!

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