The POC room.  Products of Conception .This is where the abortionist would count the baby’s body parts after a surgical abortion to ensure that nothing was left behind.  Some Planned Parenthood workers call this the Pieces of Children room.   One day a doctor mentioned that he saw three arms – indicating that twins had been aborted.   This and other details were shared at the 40 Days for Life vigil site outside of the Planned Parenthood Women’s Surgical  Center this past Wednesday when Sue Thayer came to speak.  Sue was an 18-year employee of Planned Parenthood and manager at the Storm Lake, Iowa facility before leaving her job there and eventually joining the 40 Days for Life team.

Sue’s communication style is one of openness and honesty.  She spoke of feeling secure in her Planned Parenthood position which paid well, was close to home and in her mind at the time allowed her to help women.  Although at her job interview when asked about her feelings on abortion, she stated she considered it murder, she was still hired, much to her surprise.  She originally was tasked with family planning and sex education so the abortion aspect of Planned Parenthood’s mission was not her focus.  But eventually she was sent to the Des Moines, IA surgical facility to witness actual abortions.   Sue continued on with Planned Parenthood but started to question its mission and procedures.  She spoke of Planned Parenthood sending office staff for a one-day training course in performing trans-vaginal ultrasounds and how the managers compared this to learning to use a joy-stick when playing video games.  She also questioned the practice of web-cam abortions which could be used within a 70-day gestation period.  This practice allows a doctor in a remote location to SKYPE with a woman visiting her local Planned Parenthood center and push a button remotely releasing a tray containing two doses of pills to the mother.  The first dose, taken at the facility, would start the process of ending the baby’s life and the second dose, which was to be taken at home, would initiate the expulsion of the baby – in essence creating a planned miscarriage at home.  Sue’s feeling was that women were not prepared for what would be happening to them at home and how complications from this protocol were minimized.

Sue ultimately contacted the Iowa state Right to Life organization with her concerns while still working at Planned Parenthood but knew that she could no longer justify her employment there with her conscience and left Planned Parenthood, realizing that working in that environment was creating a hardened heart to the humanity of a child.   However, God had other plans for her and she eventually joined the 40 Days for Life team and is also the founder of the Iowa Cornerstone of Life ministry, a pro-life pregnancy resource center.  She proudly mentioned that their newest ultrasound technology can image a beating heart at 5 weeks and 3 days!    Sue shared with us that beyond the career aspect of her choices she also was dealing with her choices as a member of a very small town community and as a mother, feeling the need to explain to her children about her change of heart.  Her personal journey mirrors that of Abby Johnson, another former Planned Parenthood manager whose story is told in the recently released movie titled, Unplanned.

Sue’s honesty and warm communication style is appreciated by everyone that hears her story.  She has made many new friends in Northeast Philadelphia, as well as all the other vigil sites she has visited and her experiences reinforce the need to learn more about the damage that abortion does to women, children and society, regardless of the mainstream message that wraps abortion in a pretty bow of “healthcare.”  I am sure if you need a Products of Conception room then it is NOT healthcare – at least not to the “product” – a once growing baby boy or girl with a beating heart.


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