Shops that Stand for Life

We often get emails and see posts about boycotting businesses and organizations who support the killing of innocent children.   This post is a little different – here is a list of companies who actually support life!

Please take the time to read the article in the post below and support these businesses.  A special thanks to Christine Yeargin  for sending me this article from her blog, Cakes for Breakfast, to post on our blog.  


If there’s one thing all of us moms have in common, besides being a mother, it’s shopping. Regardless of our method of parenting or how we run our household, shopping for clothes is something we all have to do for our children…you know, in order to be accepted into society and not have continuously naked babes. HA.

Through all of my 11+ years shopping for children, I have come across several companies who support or promote causes my pro-life beliefs don’t necessarily align with. This has discouraged me from purchasing through them no matter how cute their things were and pushed me to seek out shops with owners who support the pro-life message my beliefs align with. This topic has flooded the media lately and I think it’s important to take a stand when, where and how you can. I have always held my beliefs strongly, but haven’t always spoken out without conviction until recently. I fully understand those who may be nervous about vocalizing their beliefs; which is another reason I thought to compile this post. Aligning our purchases with our beliefs is a way to make sure our money isn’t going to something that promotes what we oppose. I will be updating this post and adding additional shops as I find/am made aware of them. If you know of any or are a shop that wants to be featured, please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment or reach out to me. I will add as many shops as I can!

Use this link to find the companies that support life

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