Update on the Gianna Center of Philadephia!

Gianna Center

If you missed the Casino night you missed a grand time! The Knights of Columbus raised $30,000 for the Gianna Center of Philadelphia. For the article in the Times Herald, click here.  Use the link below to view some pictures from the Casino night.

Casino night Photos


The phrase “new home new baby” rings true! The Gianna Center of Philadelphia is moving to Suburban Community Hospital in April and just celebrated the birth of their first NaPro baby on March 20, 2019. Little Joseph missed St. Joseph’s Feast day by one day, but his parents are thrilled he is with us just the same!


The Gianna Center of Philadelphia is dedicated to providing general gynecologic care, natural family planning education and infertility services – all while honoring the sanctity of each human life, the dignity of women and the integrity of marriage. All medical treatments are aimed at restoring the reproductive system and work cooperatively with a woman’s body.


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