Pro-Life Billboard Rises on I-95

We have a new billboard gracing the Philadelphia skyline and it is beautiful!  Travelling northbound on I-95 near a heavily trafficked section of the city and the home of one eternal traffic jam is a message high in the clouds proclaiming Equal Rights for the Unborn…imagine that!


I knew the billboard was coming, but I was totally taken off guard by my excitement when I first saw it burgeoning over the rooftops on the side of the highway.  There it was.  The fruition of weeks of planning by some dedicated souls in the local pro-life movement.  And the message is loud and clear – an unborn baby is precious and should have the right to experience life.  Unfortunately, there were 15,443 children who did not experience equal rights in the Philadelphia area in 2017 and instead had their lives extinguished by abortion.  Hopefully, this picture and these words will make drivers and passengers think about what abortion is and what it does.  Especially in these politically charged times where there should not even need to be discussions about being pro or con when it comes to silencing a beating heart.  If nothing else, this sign is a symbol of our not relinquishing the challenge to the pro choice cadre.

Of course billboard advertising is a business,  so to keep this message flying over the Philly skies will take some financial support.  There are fundraising plans in place such as an upcoming Quizzo night in Northeast Philadelphia where proceeds will go towards supporting the sign and also to benefit the work of Legacy of Life. And private donations always will be accepted to keep this pro life beacon positioned where thousands of cars pass it every day.  You can visit for additional details about event sponsorship/ donations or contact the PA Pro-Life Coalition at 215-885-6780 or email:

Let’s keep this pro-life message shining down on I-95 so that we give voices to the children we have lost and those we are about to lose to abortion.

2 thoughts on “Pro-Life Billboard Rises on I-95

  1. judkinsbeth3gmailcom February 24, 2020 / 7:41 pm

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  2. judkinsbeth3gmailcom February 24, 2020 / 7:46 pm

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