One of the most moving pro-life events the Pro-Life Action League hosts each year is the Way of the Cross for Victims of abortion, held each year on Good Friday at abortion facilities across the country. You can host a Way of the Cross service at the abortion facility in your area, and this page has all the tools you need, including an ecumenical prayer service book, templates to promote your event through e-mail and in churches, advice on practical considerations and more. Find out if there’s a service scheduled at your abortion facility by visiting the Way of the Cross 2019 event page and checking the list of locations. Though the devotion of the Stations of the Cross has Catholic roots, the service we conduct is completely ecumenical. People of every denomination join us each year and there is no material in the book that would be offensive to non-Catholics. Please feel free to join or host a Way of the Cross no matter what your denomination.

Choose Your Location and Time Choose the local abortion facility where you’d like to hold your event. If there is more than one facility in your area, you will want to take into account practical considerations like whether there is enough room for people to safely stand outside the facility, parking and other issues. If there are no abortion facilities in your area, you could host your Way of the Cross at a memorial for the victims of abortion (find one here) or at a local church. Click here for a list of 2019 Way of the Cross locations We at the Pro-Life Action League have held ours at 10:00 a.m. because it fits well with our local churches’ schedules, but you’ll want to check with churches in your area to make sure you’re not conflicting with other services on Good Friday. Once you’ve decided on the details for your service, please email the Pro-Life Action League with the time, date, and location including the physical address of your service so we can add it to our list of sites. Recruit Clergy to Lead Your Event It’s always a great help to have some clergy to lead the prayers at your service. You’ll want to get invitations out to priests, pastors or deacons as soon as possible. Good Friday can be a busy day for clergy with many services to conduct so you’ll want to give them plenty of notice. Publicize Your Event Get the word out about your event every way you can. See the Increase turnout by using good promotional tools and Promoting your pro-life event on Facebook actions for detailed instructions on how to promote your event. Here are some sample texts you can use or modify to promote your event on Facebook and Twitter:

On the day Jesus was crucified, let’s remember all innocent victims, especially the smallest. #abortion #ProLifeGoodFriday

Jesus united Himself with all the victims of suffering. None suffer more innocently than the victims of #abortion. #ProLifeGoodFriday

On Good Friday Jesus died on Golgotha. His image is destroyed 1000s of times a day at OUR Golgotha, the #abortion clinic. #ProLifeGoodFriday

Good Friday, the day Jesus DIED, is the perfect day to stand up for LIFE! #ProLifeGoodFriday

Are you thankful for Jesus’ sacrifice on Good Friday? Then do something for your unborn brothers and sisters today! #ProLifeGoodFriday

View more at Good Friday Way of the Cross

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