The Hero Priest of France and The Cowardly Cardinal of New York

The presence is real.   

Out of Tuesday’s tragedy in France, as the world watched in horror as  Notre Dame Cathedral burned, we witnessed a beautiful example of extraordinary heroism.

Father Jean-Marc Fournier, the chaplain of the Paris Fire Brigade, saved the Blessed Sacrament and the Crown of Thorns from the blazing cathedral.


Why would a man risk his life to save a piece of bread from burning, collapsing 800-year-old cathedral where he could have been killed in an instant?

He risked his life because, as Catholics, we not only believe, but we know with absolute certainty that the consecrated host is the actual Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ, our Lord, and Savior.

This heroic man was willing to risk his life, likely without hesitation, to save Christ from the fire. He reveres, honors, loves and defends Christ in the Eucharist. 

By contrast, in the state of New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo professes to be Catholic while endorsing, legislating, and defending abortion and the murder of newborn infants.

Cuomo also persecutes Christians and people of good faith who oppose his blood lust zealotry, calling them bigots and hate mongers and telling them they are not welcome in the state of New York. He is an agent of deception and evil.

Yet Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York will not rush into the burning fire of Governor Cuomo’s deceit and falsehood to defend Christ from sacrilege by denying this modern-day Judas the Eucharist.

No — the cardinal gives excuses and reasons and just wants to go along to get along. The horrible examples to the faithful are not just scandalous, they are demonic.

If the television game show Jeopardy were played in hell, the words of Cardinal Dolan would be on full display under the category, “Things the Devil Might Say.” 

In a prepared statement, Cardinal Dolan explained that excommunication of Governor Cuomo would not be effective because “many politicians would welcome it as a sign of their refusal to ‘be bullied by the Church.'”


We know, of course, that his words are pointless and those of a politician, not a shepherd who cares for the souls of his flock.

During Holy Week, let us pray for Father Jean-Marc Fournier and that God in His mercy will raise up courageous priests, bishops, and cardinals in the generations to come.

** This was from an email blast sent out by Judie Brown of American Life League. It is republished with her permission.

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