Good Friday Prayer Vigil at Warminster, Pa. Planned Parenthood Draws 200

13Two hundred people came out for the annual Good Friday Pilgrimage and Prayer Vigil at the Planned Parenthood in Warminster , Pa. to pray and give witness for the atrocities that take place here and other abortion facilities across the country.

This vigil which is sponsored nationally by the Pro-Life Action League and locally by the Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition,  usually draws about 100 – 125 people.  Speaking with people who came to this vigil, I found that the movie ‘Unplanned’ as well as laws in several States allowing infanticide (see Feb 14 article here) was the catalyst for their presence.


We are in the mist of a spiritual battle and prayer and fasting are the weapons we need to overcome this evil.  This killing center does abortions every Friday.  We invite all to come out and pray with our faithful prayer warriors on Friday mornings for an end to abortion in our community as well as our nation.

You can view other pictures of this vigil at the link below.

Good Friday Prayer Vigil




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