40 Days for Life Recap in Philadelphia Area

As the dust settles from 40 days of prayer and fasting, pro-lifers in Philadelphia have many reasons to celebrate and give thanks for the babies saved.

Philadelphia Campaigns

Five confirm saves happened in both campaigns combine. According to the Philadelphia Community Women’s Center, they have seen an increase in visits during the campaign.

Sue Thayer

Sue Thayer came and address a crowd of 50 pro-lifers outside of Planned Parenthood in Center City. Read more here: Former PP Worker, Now Pro-Life Outreach Coordinator, Shares Her Testimony

Planned Parenthood- Comly Road

-January 20th – Stand Up for Life Rally to kick off the Spring 40 Days for Life Comly Road campaign.
-Saturday, March 16 — We had one SAVE at Comly Road that I am aware of.   A couple took literature from one of the sidewalk servants on their way into Planned Parenthood.  They later exited PP and it seemed as though the woman’s partner was trying to get her to go back in but she wouldn’t.  They continued to walk up the street to the bus stop.
I reported this to Steve Karlen at 40 Days the following day.
-April 3 — We had Sue Thayer from 40 Days speak to us at Comly which was attended by about 30 people.



Other happenings: Generation Life hosted a screening of Unplanned on March 28th in South Philadelphia. Read more here: Generation Life Movie Screening

What Now?

Well, 40 Days may be over, but there are still babies being killed by the abortion industry. You must commit to being a 365-day pro-life warrior. It’s hard, but you will reap the reward of heaven for your stand for life.

Find out more here: Baby Saved By Abortion Pill Reversal Hotline; Plead for Help During Sidewalk Servants

It is important that pro-lifers make this daily commitment. Become more active in the pro-life movement today.

Watch the videos of sidewalk servants here: Sidewalk Servant Videos

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