NJ Board of Medical Examiners Finally Orders 7 NJ Abortion clinics operating illegally to be sold


from Marie Tasy, Executive Director, New Jersey Right to Life 


You may recall that when abortionist Steven Brigham’s license was revoked by the NJ Board of Medical Examiners several years ago, he was required to sell his abortion clinics.  In what was called a “sham transfer of ownership” by the NJ Attorney General, Brigham assigned ownership to abortionist Vikram Kaji and Brigham became the administrator for the clinics. Brigham has tried to appeal the revocation of his license several times but the courts have repeatedly denied his request.  The NJ Board of Medical Examiners recently found Kaji to be incompetent to practice medicine and is now ordering him to sell the 7 abortion clinics.  This has been a long drawn out saga, but we are hopeful that NJ has finally seen the last of these two disgraced abortionists.

(Read  article in the Philadelphia Inquirer on this subject by clicking here.)





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