Pennsylvania Action Alert – Merit Selection Bill Coming for a Vote Next Week

Please see the message from Maria Gallagher below and make the necessary calls and send emails today.  Don’t let liberals take away your right to vote for these judges.  


from Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director for Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

Pa Action Alert We have just learned that a dangerous bill, House Bill 111, the so-called merit selection of judges bill, is coming up for a vote in the PA House Judiciary Committee next week. The bill would mean that a pro-abortion Governor could appoint judges for the state Supreme Court, the Superior Court, and the Commonwealth Court.

Please call and email the following pro-life or leans pro-life Judiciary Committee members with this message: I urge you to oppose House Bill 111 because I don’t want my right to vote for judges to be taken away!

Rep. Ron Kauffman– (717) 532-1707
Rep. Kate Klunk– (717) 787-4790
Rep. Tedd Nesbit– (717) 783-6438
Rep. Matt Dowling–   (717) 783-5173
Rep. Torren Ecker– (717) 783-8875
Rep. Johnathan Hershey– (717) 783-7830
Rep. Barry Jozwiak– (717) 772-9940
Rep. Natalie Mihalek (717) 783-1522
Rep. Tarah Toohil (717) 260-6136
Rep. Jesse Topper (717) 787-7076
Rep. Justin Walsh (717) 783-3825
The following two legislators need to be contacted through their websites:
Rep. Ryan Bizzarro

Thank you for making these critical calls and sending these important emails!

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