Continued Prayer Vigil in Warminster, Pennsylvania on Fridays


from Melissa Chapman, 40 Days for Life Campaign Coordinator, Warminster


I had mentioned before about continuing to pray outside of PP every Friday between campaigns.  This past campaign, we were blessed to have the support of at least 25 local churches and 516 unique participants as far as we know according to the sign in sheets and 40 Days for Life online calendar.  That doesn’t include any of those that participated on days where we couldn’t have the materials there since there wasn’t full coverage or the materials got there later than the first participants arrived.

This simple outreach has been proven to save lives, as it has been noted that the number of “clients” that entered PP on abortion days had noticeably decreased during the campaign.  If we continue to show up and pray, God willing, the number of “clients” will continue to remain lower and possibly decrease even more.

I’ve set up the following online sign up to continue prayer coverage at the public right of way outside the Warminster PP on Fridays (the day abortions occur) from 7am – 3pm as the focus (extended to 7pm for those who can’t get there until after work) until the next campaign. (please sign up here)

Here, you can see which hours are covered and where there is a need for coverage.  It is likely guaranteed that not everyone that shows up to pray will sign up on this site.  However, there is no such as too many people praying. So, if we can plan ahead to have at least two people there for at least 7am to 3pm or even longer, others will continue to join us.

Unplanned is still in theaters and I believe that the wave of support that God has used it to bless us with isn’t over yet.  Once people see the truth and get involved, there’s really no going back.

Feel free to pass this link on to those you believe would like to join us – family, friends, fellow church members, etc.  If you have a group that would like to take a chunk of hours, whether it be a single Friday or more, please let me know and I’ll block it off for you.  Please note that it’s not mandatory to sign up on this site to participate, yet signing up or letting me know would be a great help to ensure the hours are covered.

Thanks again & God bless!

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