Open Season on Philly Pro-Lifers; Representative Brian Sims Leads Charge

It appears that pro-lifers are being harassed taunted, and even physically attacked by people who disagree with them.

We have seen nationwide that pro-lifers were physically assaulted or verbally taunted by either workers or in the case that has happened in Center City Philadelphia a State Representative who picks out of Planned Parenthood’s pocket to promote the culture of death. In return, he leads a push back pro-lifers campaign.

Here’s the following statement from Dr. Monique Ruberu:

Every year in Philadelphia 10,000 babies lives are ended by abortion. The babies are killed, the mothers are wounded, and our society loses valuable people who should be here.

I see women every day as a gynecologist who regret this choice and say that if ANYONE was willing to step up and fill the void they felt when they made the decision to abort they would have changed their mind. They chose not because they wanted to abort but because they were afraid, alone, they had no money, no place to stay, no community… many were coerced into the decision… and they live with the pain for a lifetime.

So in response, we have loving, kind, peaceful, prayerful sidewalk servants trying to cover every hour that these places are open. We stand there… pray for the women, children, workers, and escorts… we offer help, hope, resources so that the men and women know that someone wants to help them. In the blessing bags we give a card that tells the woman she is strong, beautiful and awesome and we want to walk with her, we offer free pregnancy tests and ultrasound, we give a pamphlet that has info on the pregnancy centers, abortion pill reversal, post-abortion healing, etc, etc… we don’t yell, scream, degrade or belittle… but we are persecuted.

This poor woman who wanted to do nothing but stand, pray and hand out blessing bags was verbally assaulted and badgered by a state rep. This man should not be representing anyone as he is obviously only capable of defending those that go along with his beliefs.

Please join us and pray for the conversion of Brian Sims – bully

Here is the video that recently surfaced from Brian Sims account: State Rep. Brian Sims Harasses Pro-Life Woman


3 thoughts on “Open Season on Philly Pro-Lifers; Representative Brian Sims Leads Charge

  1. Array May 5, 2019 / 5:37 pm

    Shame on State Representative Brian Sims for bullying this woman. I admire her for taking that abuse from someone who should know better.

  2. Laurie Horgan May 6, 2019 / 10:38 pm

    Brian Simms you be held accountable some day – mark my words. Or, change your ways before it is too late

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