Training Rural Women in Uganda

From time to time we get request from others to post articles about their organizations.  Below is one from Augustine Yiga, Chairman/Co-founder of Training of Rural women in Uganda (TORUWU). 

This organization reaches out to help women in Uganda with disabled children.  Please read  Mr. Yiga’s commentary below on how they help these mothers and grandmothers who are taking care their handicapped children,  visit their website by clicking here,  and view the slide show of some of those who are in this program at the end of this post.  


from Augustine Yiga, Chairman/Co-founder of Training of Rural women in Uganda 

TORUWU is one of our community intervention programs. During our usual home visits we came to observe certain mothers struggling along with their disabled children, this situation was so, so touching that TORUWU began to help with weekly physiotherapy clinics and nutritional support.

Mothers felt great relief at least to have one grass root Organization which can lend a shoulder. In our country Uganda, people still look at these disabled children as CURSES and most times resort to WITCH DOCTORS the vice which we as TORUWU are trying to fight through regular community sensitization. It is sad to mention that we are the only organization within our sub -county consisting of 53 villages that has this type of program.

There are 23 children who attend physiotherapy program in TORUWU. They were divided into two groups and both have been cooperatively responding to physiotherapy stations.

The different disabilities being managed include cerebral palsy (CP), hydrocephalus, club Foot, Dawn syndrome, Deaf, knocking Knee, (knee valgus).

In the slideshow below are challenges faced by both parents and their children at the center and also are some of the children with different disabilities whom we have at TORUWU.  Most of the parents have got similar challenges in their tendency to bring their children for physiotherapy treatment at the office. All parents stays at their residences and they always have to bring their children on Thursdays for treatment.


Basically on the available challenges we have found out that the mothers have faced a big problem of bringing their children for the therapy sessions at the center ie: most mothers complain of difficult transport means where the available means tend be expensive in both transport costs and distances and when it comes on the rainy session it just worsens.

The mothers can’t afford the appliances recommended on their children. Some children have grown up with their disabilities and they are so heavy to carry them from their home to the center, some use bodaboda (motor bikes) but it`s so hectic and expensive, some just carry them on their backs.

Most parents get challenges from the fellow people who find them on their way asking and questioning them so much and they end up getting embarrassed.

So far the children do get few therapy sessions in that each child attends physiotherapy twice a month which could be not enough since the therapist say the more sessions the better.

Some mothers are alone at their homes and they take full participation in all domestic needs hence getting very little time to do home program as the therapist recommend them.

TORUWU Presentation

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