Local Author Shares ProLife Conviction with Book

The following is a profile article I have written about Brendan Lyons, the author of Single Candles. The profile was published in March 2017, He currently resides in West Chester with his wife, Elise.  This has been approved by the writer of the profile that was originally written for CatholicPhilly.com.

Brendan Lyons always thought he was pro-life — until he met fellow advocates who were even more ardent about the cause.

The encounters spurred the Downingtown author to write “Single Candles,” a collection of short stories on the challenge to respect life in a culture of death.

The narratives form a chain of events that link several characters, all of whom demonstrate compassion and bravery in their commitment to the sanctity of life.

In one piece, a senator defies his own political party; in another, a neonatal surgeon is asked to compromise her principles.

Although the stories are fictional, the passion that informs the characters’ conviction is very real.

“When people see others actively fighting for what they believe in, it inspires them,” Lyons said.

A Villanova University graduate, Lyons wanted to use his writing talents for more than class assignments. His stories have allowed him to explore his convictions in greater depth while fulfilling his calling.

“I’ve learned how satisfying it is to use your gifts to serve the Lord,” Lyons said.

Lyons hopes to inspire young people to witness to the sanctity of life, despite ridicule and rejection.

“Even one person speaking for life — lighting a single candle — can start to change the world and push away the darkness,” he said.

A parishioner of St. Joseph in Downingtown, Lyons seeks to double the impact of his book by donating the proceeds of its sales to Birthright of West Chester, a crisis pregnancy support center.

“(Birthright) provides vital services for mothers and children in need that are hard to find,” Lyons said. “Places like that are the key to ending abortion.”

You can purchase your copy of the book today here: Single Candles Vol. 1

Single Candles

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