Sickening, but Not Surprising. We Applaud This Pro-Lifer’s Reaction!

Some practical solutions to harassment and bullying you may face while praying and giving public witness at abortion centers from Tom Stevens, President and CEO  of the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia.  Please sign the petition for  Representative Brian Sims’ resignation at the bottom of this post. 


Pennsylvania State Rep. Brian Sims from the 182nd district recently posted a video of himself harassing a prayerful female witness outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in Philadelphia.

Click here to view the video in a tweet on his Twitter account.

The woman in this video is a hero, and we are glad to have her in our ranks. She responded perfectly (she ignored him and kept silent) in an unpleasant situation.

Thank you to all who take a stand in front of abortion centers. These types of experiences are rare, but they do happen.

It is so important to be out there: the prayer in a dark place, the witness, number of unborn babies saved, mom and dads protected from a decision they’ll regret for the rest of their lives, and the truth proclaimed.

As you know, our Sidewalk Servants outreach program equips men and women of any age to pray and offer resources to anyone entering or leaving an abortion clinic. We believe that it is through love and prayer that hearts can be transformed and lives can be saved. Click here to watch our video series showing how to become an effective Sidewalk Servant (even in the midst of opposition).

What If Someone Taunts Me While Witnessing Outside an Abortion Center?

Don’t take the bait! This is how we strongly urge you to respond in a similar situation when people are combative, argumentative, or verbally abusive:

1.) Ignore them. This is the best reaction. Keep praying and remain silent. “He who corrects an arrogant man earns insult” (Proverbs 9:7). There is nothing to be gained from a verbal exchange with a person like this. Never ever become physical. If you feel angry and can’t tolerate it, then leave.

2.) Call 911 immediately if you ever feel threatened or uncomfortable. The police should be nearby protecting all civilians.

3.) Let us know if you have an encounter similar to what Rep. Brian Sims did to the prayerful woman outside Planned Parenthood. If Rep. Brian Sims ever approaches you personally while witnessing outside of an abortion center in Philadelphia, please notify the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia so we are aware of any additional incidents that violate your First Amendment right.

Sign the Petition!

Take action by signing a national petition asking that Rep. Brian Sims to resign. Click here to sign the petition and spread the word!



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