Rally in Center City Philadelphia

Rally4“United we stand, divided we fall.”

Well, we certainly were united at Friday’s Center City Philadelphia rally protesting Rep. Brian Sims’ harassment of sidewalk servants who peacefully stand witness and offer alternative assistance to women entering the Locust St. Planned Parenthood abortion center.  As has been widely publicized by now, Mr. Sims’ behavior was not only belligerent but possibly criminal as he attempted to offer money to have the identity of minor sidewalk servants be known.

Today’s rally was to publicly announce that the pro-life movement  will not be the victim of intimidation by the likes of Mr. Sims.  Speakers included Lila Rose, the founder of Live Action, Dr. Monique Ruberu, a Philadelphia area pro-life OBGYN, Abby Johnson, the former Planned Parenthood worker who now is a leader in the pro-life movement and whose story is the subject of the recently released movie Unplanned,  and Ashley Garecht, the mother of two of the minor sidewalk servants who Brian Sims verbally accosted.  In response to the Sims incident, she and her husband have raised more than $116,000 for the Pro-Life Union of Philadelphia via a GoFundMe page.

Mr. Sims’ unprofessional and disturbing actions raise another question.  Why have his Democratic colleagues within the Pennsylvania legislature not commented on his confrontation against his fellow citizens?  Are they not as guilty as he since their silence signals acceptance of his behavior? Here is a list of legislators and their contact information.  Let them know that you not only denounce Brian Sims but also their silence on the matter.

The rally message today was that our unborn children are neither expendable nor replaceable and that together we will continue to pray for and work toward the day that abortion is unthinkable….regardless of Brian Sims’ thuggish browbeating tactics.


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