Update on the FertilityCare Practitioners in Philadelphia


You are in Gods Hands

from Friends of FertilityCare Philadelphia 

All of the Philadelphia area FertilityCare Practitioners (FCPs) are participating in the seminary prayer program, coordinated by Mrs. Liz Parrish, RN, CFCP. Every couple experiencing infertility or multiple miscarriages receives an invitation to have the St Charles Borromeo Seminarians pray for them.

According to Liz , “this program is unique as it offers the opportunity to be prayed for by name or anonymously if they choose.” Cards are given to the infertile couples during follow-up or during infertility support group meetings. These cards are returned to the Pro-Life Club at St. Charles Borromeo seminary. The cards are distributed to seminarians who pray for the couple, and the couples often in turn pray for the seminarians.

Gianna CenterThe FertilityCare Practitioners of Greater Philadelphia continue to grow in number. The picture to the left shows just a few of them who were able to attend the joyous occasion of the Gianna Center grand opening.


The Friends of FertilityCare Philadelphia are a group of health care professionals and members of our community who wish to promote effective, integrated health care for women and couples.

 The primary intention of the Friends of FertilityCare is to educate all people in the “good news” of Creighton Model FertilityCare™ System and NaProTechnology.  To learn more about this program, follow this link.



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