New Jersey Action Alert: Radical Extremists Target Assembly Sponsors of NJ Born Alive Infant Protection Act

Below is an urgent request from New Jersey Right to Life.  If you live in New Jersey it’s important that you contact the Assembly members below and thank them for their support of the NJ Born Alive Infant Protection Act.  You will find  links to their contact information at the end of this post. 

from Marie Tasy, Executive Director – New Jersey Right to Life 

This past Tuesday, organized, paid abortion extremists held rallies and protests in the wake of the recent pro-life legislation signed into law by the Governors of Alabama and Georgia.

Several took place in New Jersey with some of the leaders protesting the offices of NJ Assembly sponsors of A5287, the NJ Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, legislation modeled after the federal law by the same name that would provide that babies who survive an abortion will be given the same care as any other child born alive at the same gestational age would receive.

Some of the leaders urged individuals to even send coat hangers to the legislative sponsors’ offices.  I have provided a link to one of the news articles HERE

Take Action

Below are the names of the Assembly sponsors of A5287.   Please contact these legislators (especially if you live in one of their districts), to thank them for sponsoring this humane, common sense bill.  Please let them know that we have their backs and are proud of them for sponsoring this bill and taking a strong stand against infanticide. 

If you hear of any future protests of legislators’ offices or plans to do so, please let us know and consider attending or organizing a peaceful, counter protest so our legislators know we support them!

Space, Parker   as Primary Sponsor

Wirths, Harold J.   as Primary Sponsor

DeCroce, BettyLou   as Primary Sponsor

Auth, Robert   as Co-Sponsor

Dancer, Ronald S.   as Co-Sponsor

Howarth, Joe   as Co-Sponsor

DiMaio, John   as Co-Sponsor

Peterson, Erik   as Co-Sponsor

Webber, Jay   as Co-Sponsor

Carroll, Michael Patrick   as Co-Sponsor

Bucco, Anthony M.   as Co-Sponsor

Schepisi, Holly T.   as Co-Sponsor

Peters, Ryan E.   as Co-Sponsor

Thomson, Edward H.   as Co-Sponsor

Kean, Sean T.   as Co-Sponsor

DiMaso, Serena   as Co-Sponsor

Clifton, Robert D.   as Co-Sponsor

DePhillips, Christopher P.   as Co-Sponsor

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