LEARN Northeast Activism Engages NYC See Footage – For Such A Time As This!

Baby (12-18 Months)

from Rev. Clenard H. Childress Jr., L.E.A.R.N.

The seeds of our labor are sprouting and the minds of many have been abruptly shaken into the reality of America becoming a nation where infanticide is accepted. Perhaps we need to thank Andrew Cuomo and Ralph Northam for their cold calloused support and facilitation publicly for infanticide. This has caused a major discussion and has prodded persons to go past their cursory knowledge of abortion and learn facts. Whenever there is a debate, we will win far more than we lose that’s why there is no debate. THEY REFUSE! Despite this the facts are surfacing, and we are advancing the cause for life.

Activism, Activism, Activism! We are here and the more we have people engaged in the public square the more people will learn facts and not be swept away in the flood of misinformation and lies by the mainstream media and the Abortion industry. “America Will Be Saved” Dr. King’s vision of America living out its creed is at the door, but we need to recognize it’s a battle and we must make ourselves available with what we have!

“Phillip how many loaves have ye?” With what God provides we must now feed the public our message as never before. We have a President that will hold the line and advance the cause whenever he can, but he certainly won’t do it alone and the scripture teaches us the responsibility belongs to the Church! “If my people which are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face then I will hear from heaven I will forgive their sin I will heal their land” , 2nd Chronicles 7-14.

Your gift to LEARN is for activism in the public square and inciting the church. We are looking to be at the NAACP in July and execute our three-state tour in October called the “Say So March” We are raising funds for that now and as always we need your help.

As you will see below, we are not waiting for July or October to be engaged in the Public Square. Below is some footage from our joint efforts with Center For Bio-ethical reform on the streets in New York City in key locations. I want to say truly we had great discussions and the NYC crowd understood though many didn’t want us there. Even the NYC crowd was subdued because they know their Governor has gone too far! This has allowed many to hear the evidence for life at its conception and the argument that it is a human being. As always, we are now able to share this and increase our witness through social media and small groups with the need to “Go into All The World”

Stay tuned for my next newsletter on our church recruitment efforts in South Jersey and our collective effort to close the Cherry Hill Women’s center, where over 200 babies are reportedly killed each week predominately African American. Also below are some articles of honorable mention of our work. Please go to our website:   www.Blackgenocide.org  to give or mail a donation to our ministry. We are making advances, let’s keep pressing!


Activism at Columbia School of Journalism          

Activism at Wall Street NYC             

Activism at NYU              

Activism at Fordham University      

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