Town Hall Tour at Our Lady of Guadalupe in Doylestown Draws Many Attendees

The Town Hall Tour that took place at Our Lady of Guadalupe parish in Buckingham Township, Pa.  drew many more in attendance than expected, including a reporter from a Norway newspaper who works out of New York. 

Below are notes from this meeting that were shared with us from one of the attendees.  A special thanks to Kathleen for taking and sharing these notes.

Town Hall Tour

Here’s a summary of action items I walked away with:

  1. – is an incredible website with a lot of info
  2. Encouraged us to watch Unplanned if we haven’t already seen it (this was banned from Canadian theaters- by the way) and to watch it again..
  3. Encouraged us to watch Gosnell if we haven’t seen it and even more so – read the book which has a lot more detail
  4. Roe v Wade is a pro-life movie that should have been out by now but there are push-backs again, September target. Make sure you support it when it hopefully hits theaters.
  5. Read the book Subverted which is about a woman who worked for Cosmopolitan and had a conversion –
  6. Contact PA state representatives about House Bill 321 – the Down Syndrome Bill which just passed the PA House. Thank Rep Schroader (CBE grad) for voting for it and contacting Rep Pollinchock who voted against it. They think Pollinchock just needs encouragement that he will have backing if he voted the right way, that he actually wanted to vote for it. They encouraged us to email him to communicate that.   I list their information below and am planning on getting an email out to them today.
  7. We also need to watch out for the Assisted Suicide Bill ( that is headed to PA in the near future. It was just passed in NJ
  8. Powerful statement – 3k people died in 9/11 and we honorably remember them every year saying their names and remembering them in conversation about 9/11. There are 3k babies that die EVERY DAY and they are simply forgotten as if they never existed.

I listed links to the items I mentioned. I felt the meeting was very informative. Hopefully you will be inspired to take some action on this hot issue now.  I know our kids are being bombarded with pro-choice social media right now due to abortion being a hot topic. They don’t feel comfortable putting pro-life info out there, which I totally understand.  It’s a very frustrating time for them so lets encourage them to defend life even though it’s a sticky issue.

(5) Subverted: How I Helped the Sexual Revolution Hijack the Women’s Movement. It can be purchased at Amazon using this link. 

(6) Pa. House passes bill to prevent abortion due to prenatal Down Syndrome diagnosis  (article describing HB 321)

Rep Meghan Schroader voted for it so they would like us to thank her (29th district – Buckingham, Warwick) – went to CB East.    (click contact in upper right hand corner)

Rep Todd Pollinchock (representing 144th district (Warrington, New Britain) – voted against it but they think he just needs to hear from people that would support him if he had voted for it.  We need to encorage him to vote for these kinds of issues.  (click contact in upper right hand corner)

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