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Baby Supplies for Dakota
Mother of Three Chooses Life


baby supplies

from Mark Harrington, President, Created Equal

Recently, two of our team members met “Dakota” outside a Columbus abortion facility. We talked to her about what had brought her there, her value, and the value of the baby inside of her. After seeing the victims of abortion and what her child looks like, she went inside the abortion facility, cancelled her appointment, and let us walk her down the road to a pro-life Women’s Care Center. The following Monday, she announced she had decided to keep the baby!

Dakota is in need of several practical items, such as car seats, cribs, sheets, etc. for her preborn child and her born children. We would love to take her shopping for these needs and bless her with the love of Christ.

Will you join us in helping Dakota and her preborn baby?

Help Dakota buy need items for her baby by clicking here!



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