‘Call to Action’ – Response from the Pro-Life Community

The following is a response from the Pro-Life Coalition of Pennsylvania to an article printed in the Philadelphia Inquirer, by Kathryn Kolbert,Esq. and Linda Wharton, Esq. ‘A Call to Action Amid Stricter Abortion Laws’. You can read their article at the link below this post. 



Mike McMonagle, President, Pro-Life Coalition of Pennsylvania 

Our organization advocates for the passage of laws in Pa. that increase protections for expectant mothers and children from abortion – and for the election of state public officials who support these protections.  We have achieved some considerable success in these efforts, especially under pro-life Democrat Gov. Bob Casey, Sr.  We look forward to additional success when Pennsylvania once again elects a pro-life Governor.

The June 2, 2019 column, “A Call to Action…” by Kathryn Kolbert, Esq. and Linda Wharton, Esq. express their support for legal abortion until birth – and for the election of public officials who share their support.  I wish they were sincere in their argument to resolve this difference through the election process.  However, the insincerity of their argument becomes apparent when considering what they do not address.

On January 16, 2019, other representatives of the Pennsylvania abortion industry filed a lawsuit that requests the Pennsylvania Supreme Court (PSC) to declare that the Pennsylvania Constitution now has a right to abortion,” even though in 1985 the PSC rejected such a “right” by a 6-1 vote.  Such a declaration would legalize abortion until birth and eliminate all of Pennsylvania’s extensive pro-life laws, such as Medicaid funding restrictions, 24 hour waiting period, parental consent, ban on sex-selection abortions and possibly others.  So, this industry is attempting to achieve by a judicial fiat what they have been unable to achieve through election for legislators and Governors.



The Mission of the Pro-Life Coalition of Pennsylvania is

– to enact public policies that protect the sanctity of all human life, the sanctity of marriage and the dignity of the human person;

– to recruit participants into the pro-life movement in Pennsylvania; and

– to develop leaders for the pro-life movement in Pennsylvania.

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