New Jersey Action Alert: Tell your 3 State Legislators to Protect Religious Employers’ Exemption

Vote No on A5508/S3804


Take Action on Religious Freedom

from Marie Tasy, Executive Director – New Jersey Right to Life

The NJ Legislature has fast tracked a package of healthcare bills which include A5508/S3804.  Unfortunately, the bills will expand insurance coverage for abortion inducing drugs and eliminate the religious employers’ exemption contained in New Jersey law (P.L. 2005, C.251).

If the religious employers’ exemption is eliminated, Catholic parishes, schools and other Religious institutions would be forced to provide insurance coverage for abortion inducing drugs.

Please click on the link below ASAP to urge your legislators to Vote No on A5508/S3804.  These bills are being fast-tracked so please take this action immediately!

Ask the Legislature to Protect the Religious Employers’ Exemption




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