Action Alert! Please Comment on FDA Website

Please take a few moments to read the article below from Friends of Fertility Care – Philadelphia If you or anyone you know had a negative experience using artificial birth control, please consider submitting your comments to the FDA using the link provided and let your voice be heard! 


Please Comment on FDA Website

Last month, a citizens’ petition was filed with the FDA over the signatures of 180 physicians and representatives of institutions including the National Catholic Bioethics Center, the Catholic Medical Association, the Couple to Couple League, and the Gianna Center of Philadelphia.

Couple to Couple League board member Michael Manhart, PhD, a member of the Contraceptive Study Group which submitted the petition, said “Should this petition be acted on by FDA, the result would be new labeling for hormonal contraceptives which will impact direct-to-consumer advertising and likely make some physicians think twice about prescribing these to some patients.”

The petition is available for review and public comment here.

Please take a moment to register your experience and concerns. Dr. Manhart continued, “Public outcry will help motivate the FDA to act.”


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