Defend the Eucharist


The following is a reflection written by Judie Brown of the American Life League. The purpose of the republished is to share the message of life to our readers and has been approved by the original author of the blog.

Are the bishops even listening?

Bishop Robert Barron offers a none-too-surprising statistic: Over 50% of newly-catechized Catholics not only fall away from the Catholic Faith but fall into the category of “nones” — meaning that they remain religiously unaffiliated and hostile to the Catholic Church.

The bishops are mystified as to how this could be — they are utterly shocked! A blind man could tell you what the problem is…


Young people aren’t stupid; they know a spineless fraud when they see one — and given the last 50 years? If you can’t defend the babies, what can you defend?

In fact, when was the last time the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops defended life with the same sort of vigor they promote so-called “climate change” at the behest of the secular left?

You and I know it doesn’t stop there, and I’m just as angry as you are!

Why are we spending money protecting pedophiles?
Why won’t the USCCB protect babies the same way they promote “climate change”?
Why are men such as McCarrick, Wuerl, Tobin, Cupich and Gomez still in power?
Why aren’t we defending the Eucharist from pro-abortion politicians such as Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Tim Kaine?
Where is the voice of the Catholic bishops condemning pro-abortion Catholics in states such as New York and California who promote abortion up to the very moment of birth?
Why aren’t the Catholic bishops speaking out forcefully and firmly about the evils of contraception — specifically those that induce abortions?
Why aren’t we defending babies with safe harbor and comfort the same way the USCCB seems hell-bent on protecting illegal immigrants?
Why aren’t pro-homosexual priests like Fr. James Martin banned from public ministry for their attacks on marriage and the family?
You get the picture. Catholics give money in the pews to feed the poor and defend the babies, only to find out that our Catholic bishops spend that money settling lawsuits for pedophiles, handing out contraceptives overseas, and promoting the pseudo-science of “climate change” when 61 million babies have been destroyed since Roe v. Wade.

Then there’s the Eucharist.

When was the last time you saw a priest or bishop defend the Eucharist the same way a Muslim might defend the Koran?

Bishops are our shepherds who must fight the wolves, not negotiate the demise of the flock.

It is absolute hypocrisy to preach Catholic values to the pews and ask for alms to then turn around and spend money on the very world committed to our demise.

For weeks, we have been gearing up to reinvigorate our Canon 915 Project to hold both pro-abortion Catholics and their bishops responsible. Let’s face it — if a bishop doesn’t have the guts or integrity to prevent a local version of Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi from profaning the Eucharist? Then he isn’t doing his job.

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