Students Answer Call to Action – Inspiring New Video Captures Call to Action

from Mark Harrington, President, Created Equal

Columbus, OH – June 11, 2019 – “You can change how many little people will become little plaques on a wall.” Prepare to be moved. This morning, we’re releasing a brand new video taking you to the emotionally raw moment of being called to service. Created Equal recently stopped by the National Memorial for the Unborn with a bus load of new recruits ready to defend babies. Seeing thousands of plaques with names of babies killed by abortion, letters from parents begging for forgiveness, and gifts from children mourning the loss of siblings, the students were shocked to tears and stunned to silence. Experience the moment with them in the video below. Then read on to see what you can do.


After listening to Seth Drayer, our Vice President, deliver the charge you just heard, students featured in the video chose to dedicate their summer to full-time service to rescue babies. So far, they’ve already toured the east coast with our JumboTron TV. And they’re just getting started.

But what can you do?

We often hear people say they would love to join a Justice Ride or be an intern, but that they have limited time. And so this summer we’re launching our Day of Action—a “crash course” Justice Ride for preborn defenders of any age! This is not only for high school and college students. All are welcome.

Day of Action: Columbus, OH

Evening of July 16: Training

  • We’ll begin with Created Equal’s interactive workshop to prepare you to navigate conversations about abortion and change how people think and feel about it.

July 17: Outreach

  • You will join our experienced team to put your training into action with activism on highway overpasses, outside abortion facilities, on college campuses, in downtown squares, and more.
  • We will conclude with dinner together before sending you off with Created Equal’s activist kit—all you need to begin changing minds in your hometowns!

Our send-off dinner will also include bonus prize drawings!

Joining our Day of Action is FREE!
 But you need to register online. And, for Day of Actionparticipants only, we’ve secured overnight hotel accommodations for a limited time discounted rate of $99.

This hotel discount will expire in just a few days on June 16!
 For more details, sign up today for the Day of Action!

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