A Journey from Foster Care to a Hopeful Adoption

The following is a guest post from one of our Facebook friends, Matt Shumway.  Matt would like to share their foster/adoption story that you will see is still progressing. 

Adoption is a loving option to abortion. It also takes a special person to foster a child knowing that they child may move on to a more permanent home at any time.  I’ve included the links he sent; however, I’m not suggesting anyone contribute unless you feel called to do so.  


Matt Shumway

My wife Jenn and I are becoming foster parents in the state of Arizona. But I’d like to share a little more about our journey and our dreams. We are becoming foster parents with the hopes of adopting.

We began this process with totally different plans. When we first began looking into adopting from the foster system we figured we’d be adopting an older child (and actually fell in love with and inquired about 2 children -who have both been placed now), but as we began seriously asking questions we discovered that here in AZ infants are not a rarity.

The catch with infant placements is that they are always placed as foster children first. So, we spent some time discerning and praying about this and decided to move ahead with the foster program and see what was in store.

Once we actually began officially inquiring and applying it all moved quickly. We began Foster Parent College about two weeks after our first contact, and are now waiting for the final state inspection on 7/24 so that our entire home-study can be sent in for licensing.

We’ve been told once we are licensed it won’t be long before we get a call about a baby. We anxiously await that call. It is tough not knowing when it will come, or who our child will be. It’s hard knowing we will care for and love this child and not know, until the end, if he or she is ours forever. But we are taking a step in faith and deciding to love with all we’ve got.

Our agency and our eventual “ongoing” case worker know (or will know) that we are wanting to adopt, and will try to place a child (or children) with us that are on track for adoption, but we will always remember that nothing is definite until the final adoption hearing. Our case worker will know almost immediately after placement if the child is on path to severance/adoption but as we all know from life, things can change.

The path to this moment in our journey has not been easy. We knew from the beginning that we wanted children, and since we aren’t exactly spring chickens anymore we began trying right away. It just wasn’t God’s plan for us. As heartbreaking as it has all been we still feel strongly that we are meant to love a child, or children. So we started looking at other options and avenues. As beautiful as domestic infant adoption is it is a very costly option with a lot of “selling yourself” and hoping someone thinks you are perfect.

International adoption has so many unknowns and legalities….so this is where we are. But we’ve made this choice with open eyes and hearts …and with joy. We hope you will join us in love and joy as we welcome a new member into our family.

All that being said, even with the unknowns we have to prepare for our child. Our agency has asked us to have a room ready, with crib and other necessities. This is not easy without knowing when, or who. So again, we take a step out in faith and prepare as best we can.

We do have a nursery started and continue to get things as we can. But we also wanted to enjoy this process as normally as possible too. We’ve enjoyed putting together a baby registry (2 actually – Amazon and Target) with the idea that we will be welcoming a newborn. That is not guaranteed but is likely.

We dream about our future baby. We are excited, as all new parents, and scared too. We hope you will join us in that excitement and nervousness! It’s fun! We have put things on our registries that we will need right away, and some things that will be for the future.

One thing we are doing slightly out of order is this….while we think it’s beneficial and important to have a baby shower, we’d like to wait until after we have a child in our home so that we will know more specifics – like gender and age. So we hope to have a “welcome to parenthood” or some other silly titled party shortly after we get that call. But we wanted to say this. We really enjoyed putting the registries together and think of what we need, desire, and hope for for our future child. But we don’t want to seem like we’re begging or bombarding you either. We are excited and are trying to share our journey and plans as we move along.

Please check out the registries if you want, but no pressure, and please forgive us if you are tired of hearing about all of this already….and finally, we hope you will all pray for us, for our future child, and his or her birth family. It’s a roller coaster, this process, but we are excited to ride it to the end.

Thank you all so much for your support, prayers, and love as we embark on the unknown.


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