Pro-Life Speech being Censored by Social Media Sites


Well this is something new.  I received two of these notices yesterday on Facebook and several of my Facebook friends have told me that they also received notifications similar to this.

The  so-called ‘fact checking group’  from Brazil (and I’ll bet they are funded by George Soros)  flagged a post four times  in one of our groups, Voices for the Unborn.  Upon delving further into this I found that the post that they are so offended by is a 1 1/2 minute video clip from the movie Unplanned’ that has been shared in several pro-life groups on Facebook.   Here is a link to this unknown ‘fact checking’ site if you’d like to read what they have to say.  (You’ll have to translate it into English to read it.) 

If you haven’t watched the movie Unplanned, I suggest you find a theater where it is being shown, or purchase the DVD.  The DVD will be released on August 13th and you can pre-order it on Amazon by clicking here. 

We must be doing something right when Facebook and other social media sites go to such extreme lengths to try to silence us.  Keep sharing pro-life articles and the posts from our blog.  We cannot allow the pro-death bullies to suppress our free speech!


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