An Open Letter to Former Planned Parenthood President Dr.Leana Wen from a Pro-Life OBGYN

Woman-sadIn a recent post on her Facebook page, Dr. Monique Ruberu showed love and empathy to now-former Planned Parenthood president, Dr. Leana Wen. Dr. Wen revealed recently that she suffered a miscarriage, yet Planned Parenthood never cared about the humanity of her unborn child and parted ways with her after only being at the helm for eight months. How ironic. Her Facebook post is reposted for the purpose of educating our readers and is done with permission. 

Sent this to Dr. Wen… I know she saw it… please pray for her… through love any conversion is possible

Dear Leana,

I am an Obgyn like you, and I just wanted to say how sorry I am for your loss.

I have lost two little ones in the past and I believe that they are in heaven and we will meet again… until then they are praying for us as saints in heaven. I believe the same as your little one.

With such huge changes in your life, loss of a job, loss of a child you may be in a difficult place know that I and many others are praying for you for your healing.

When things look darkest God can create something beautiful and new. I pray that one day we can serve women on the same side and provide them with what they need so they don’t have to choose abortion.

God bless you!
Dr. Monique Ruberu

For mothers who suffered a miscarriage, remember that you are loved and God has a plan for you. Be strong and beautiful. You are encouraged to reach out to the former PP President with love, mercy, and empathy.

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