Rehumanize International Hosting a Contest for Creative Pro-Lifers


The following is a contest alert from Rehumanize International for those who want to use their creative skills to promote a culture of life. 

Do you know someone who loves to draw, paint, write, or create? Let them know about Create | Encounter!

Rehumanize International is currently looking for submissions in all of the following creative formats:

● Poetry
● Fiction
● Creative Nonfiction
● Screenplay/Script/Monologue
● Visual Art
● Photography
● Short Film/Video
● Music

that explore subjects of aggressive violence against human life, dehumanization, and human dignity surrounding issues such as:

● Abortion
● Abuse
● Capital Punishment
● Embryonic Stem-Cell Research
● Euthanasia
● Human Trafficking
● Physician-Assisted Suicide
● Poverty Issues
● Racism
● Suicide
● Torture
● Unjust War

Our goal is to curate a well-rounded representation of life issues in a variety of media for the annual creative edition of Life Matters Journal, Create | Encounter.

Winners of select categories will receive free admission to the 2019 Rehumanize Conference where your work will be displayed at the Create | Encounter release party.

The deadline for submissions is July 31st.

Visit Create Encounter for more information and tell your friends!

2 thoughts on “Rehumanize International Hosting a Contest for Creative Pro-Lifers

  1. Jeannie Wojtkielewicz July 25, 2019 / 5:02 pm

    Hi, how do I submit something for the contest? I have a poem I’d like to share. It actually is a song, but I wouldn’t know how to send it, and it would be acapella

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