Pro-Lifers Brave Heat for Summer Sidewalk Witness

Pat addressing the crowd

Pat Stanton addressing the crowd

Thought it was late July and many families are embarking on getaways to the shore, family visits out of town, or even a spontaneous road to an unknown city, some brave pro-lifers sacrifice time on a humid Saturday morning to stand in a peaceful witness against the culture of death.

200 pro-lifers from all walks of life came out to the 4th Saturday Vigil in Philadelphia’s Chinatown section to show that they “will not shut up or go away” when innocent lives are being slaughtered. It was a monumental day as big and small families were present.

Colin Sceski

Kicking off the speaking session was Domini Sceski of the Villanovans for Life. He shared how someone was showing a dislike for their parents as they were handing out cupcakes on campus. As time went on, he took time to listen to where he was coming from. He knew that we need to meet people where we are with love.

Pastor Curtis and his three children share pro-life passages from the bible and brief reflections each.

Liana Hollendonner, Students for Life

Three amazing women took time to address the crowd. One was Liana Hollendonner from Students for Life of America. She shared that she has been working in the area for one year and the dedication of young pro-life leaders makes her job easy. She encouraged everyone to “reach out to women with real help that breaks through the counterfeit offered by Planned Parenthood”


Marlene Downing of Hope Pregnancy Center took time to ask for God’s intercession for the faithful pro-lifers and hopes that the facility’s doors will close permanently.

Katelyn D’Adamo, Assistant Director of Generation Life, fired up the crowd as she shared a game-changing moment on how an ex-boyfriend bought the lies and she said nothing with the paralysis of fear. After returning to her dorm, she was appalled at the fact that her only choices offered her many forms of abortifacients. She knew that they’re not to help women. Rather, they are to leave them hurt and empty. She called on pro-lifers to continue, “Walking with women from pregnancy to all stages of motherhood”. She also reminded all that the truth, our lady, and the angels and saints are with us.

After the rally, a mass was celebrated by Fr. Jason Buck and concelebrated by Fr. Tom Whittingham. In his homily, Fr. Buck shared how his regular participation in the pro-life movement in West Chester ultimately planted the seeds in his vocation to the priesthood and that “great things are bearing fruit” throughout the pro-life movement.

The gospel reading for daily mass fitted his sermon well as pro-lifers are laboring good fruits that will spread everywhere.

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