Pro-Lifer Makes Dressing to the Nine Life Saving

Recently, I reached out to a spokesperson for Students for Life of America, Angelique Clark. She makes dresses that promote a culture of life and other formal attires. She was gracious enough to share about herself, activism, and her clothing line that helps pro-life groups. Her interview with me is below.
1) Tell me who you are. Where you’re from? What drew you to being pro-life?
My name is Angelique Claire Clark, and I’m a 20-year-old, Vegas-born college student, writer, artist, photographer, an activist for preborn human rights, and the designer and founder of Life Dress. I became a pro-life activist in my freshman year of high school when my public school denied my Constitutional right to start a pro-life club. So I eventually sued and the entire fiasco went national from TV to radio to social media. Three days after the lawsuit was filed, my club was approved. That experienced changed me and opened my eyes to see just how tragic abortion is for both women and their preborn children, and also how silenced the issue is in our society.
2) What are you doing to build a culture of life?
I work for Students for Life of America, currently as a Student Spokesperson, writing op-eds, drawing social media graphics, and designing t-shirts. I dedicate any time I have outside of my job at a local art studio and my time in college working to end abortion in my lifetime. I attend conferences all over the U.S., go on mission trips, chalk outside of Planned Parenthoods, lobby for pro-life legislation, and have done activism in Australia, was an extra in the film Roe v. Wade, and went to the White House for a pro-life roundtable with Vice President Mike Pence, just as some highlights. At that roundtable, in fact, Pence’s takeaway message was “show up”- show up to the things that matter, and that is something I certainly live by.
3) What drew you to begin Life dress? What do the profits go?
Life Dress honestly began after I felt like painting a pro-life dress one day and enough people told me they wanted one too. I was trying to figure out what to wear to a few upcoming SFLA Galas and it dawned on me that I could wear what I believed- literally on my sleeve. The first pro-life dress I painted was in October 2018, and it was inspired by Joy Villa’s dress she wore to the Grammy’s. After she shared my dress online with her stamp of approval, it motivated me even more to keep painting dresses. The second one was for the Denver SFLA Gala, and it was there that Kristan Hawkins said she wanted a pro-life dress. So in April of 2019, I attended the NYC SFLA Gala and both Kristan and I wore Life Dresses to it. From that point forward, more and more activists for life were messaging me and asking me to design them something bold and unique. Life Dress was born. Currently, the proceeds from Life Dress go to funding pro-life student activism.
4) What is your hope for your involvement in the pro-life movement?
I want to make a real, positive, and lasting change in this world- this world coated in misinformation about what the preborn are. In addition to my other social and political work in the movement, I want Life Dress to be a visual reminder to people that the pro-life movement is alive and ready to change hearts and minds. Every time someone wears their unique, hand-painted Life Dress apparel, it opens a door to catch an eye, spark a conversation, change a heart, and save a life. There is power in art, and wearing art can make a true difference.
5) What advice do you have to offer for anyone who is creative in their attempt to challenge the culture with the message of life?
Creativity is a beautiful thing that the pro-life movement can never have too much of. Whether it’s a song, a painting, a poem, or just a unique approach to solving a problem, the ability to look and build outside the box is crucial to challenging the culture.
6) How can one find out more about Life Dresses?
You can head to to see all the Life Dress apparel, order a custom, hand-painted dress, learn more about how and why I started the fashion line, and what you can do to make a visual statement for life. You can also follow Life Dress on Instagram (@lifedressorg) and Facebook (@lifedress).

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