Northeast Philly Pro-Life Group Hosted Sidewalk Servant Training on July 27th

About 30 people turned out last Saturday for the Sidewalk Servant Training to learn how to reach women who are entering abortion centers in a loving, compassionate way.  Among them at least three were new to the movement and came to learn what they could do to help.

I spoke to one woman who told me that while driving by the Planned Parenthood on Comly Road going to work each day, she was so moved by the people praying and witnessing outside of this facility that she vowed to join them when she retired.  She was most inspired by Dave & Betty Maier who have been faithful prayer witnesses and sidewalk counselors since this place first opened as the Northeast Women’s Center back in the 80’s.

Tom Stevens, President and CEO of the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia opened by telling us that the purpose of this training is to get more people to witness and pray outside of the abortion facilities in our area,  and to educate us on the best way to offer help to women who are contemplating abortions.  He mentioned that Planned Parenthood’s message is ‘there would be no healthcare for women if they didn’t exist‘.

We all know that this is not true and that most of what Planned Parenthood does is abortions.  Our purpose as Sidewalk Servants is  to let these mothers know that we can offer them real counseling and true help to get them through this difficult time in their lives.

Tom introduced Dr. Monique Ruberu,  an OB/GYN and one of the few Napro Technology trained doctors in the Southeast Pennsylvania area.

St. Katherine

Dr. Ruberu, an experienced pro-life speaker both locally and nationally,  gave us practical tips to use.  The training was brief, but packed with plenty of good information, covering from what to say to these mothers; how to act while witnessing, medical facts about abortion (see link below for the Sidewalk Servants website), and even what to wear.

She explained in detail the various abortion methods used by Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities.  She emphasized that it’s not necessary for us to commit this to memory, but we all should have an idea of just what goes on in these various centers and know where to send these women if they choose to continue with their pregnancies.

Dr. Ruberu has put together what she calls ‘Blessing Bags’ to give to women who are looking to abort.  These bags contain information for these mothers on where to obtain help as well as some candy and prayer cards.  It is a way to let them know that they are not alone and there are people out there to support them.

Our training ended with a trip to the Comly Road Planned Parenthood where we applied what we had just learned.

You can find more information on becoming a Sidewalk Servant by visiting their website  using this link.  To view the educational videos from Sidewalk Servants use this link.  

Below are some pictures of Saturday’s event and well as useful tips and facts Dr. Ruberu gave us to use. I have taken the liberty to make some changes to accommodate those who live in other areas.

Practical Tips for Sidewalk Servants
Sidewalk Servants Comly Road






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