Social Media Sites Using ‘Fake’ Fact-checking Sites to Silence Pro-Life Speech


A few weeks ago  we published an article about how Facebook and other social media sites are doing all they can to silence our pro-life speech in our groups and on our pages, and we don’t even have the option to rebut their charges.  (read that article here).   Also, from what I understand, pro-death trolls are joining our groups in order to share our articles in their groups and have their members report these articles as abuse or fake.

The fake fact-checking site who rebutted a short clip of an abortion in the movie ‘Unplanned’ in our Facebook group, Voices for the Unborn,  is from Brazil and their report is in Portuguese.  One of our blogger’s daughter took the time to translate the gist of this fake report (it is a 15 page document) and I’ve attached her translation below so you can see what they have to say about this movie clip.

I’m also attaching the YouTube documentary ‘The Silent Scream’ from Dr. Bernard Nathanson, who was an American medical doctor and co-founder in 1969 of the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws (NARAL)  later renamed National Abortion Rights Action League (from Wikipedia) so everyone can see that what was presented in movie ‘Unplanned’ is very real.

According to a National Catholic Register (you can read this article here),   ‘after performing his last abortion in 1979 and declaring himself to be pro-life, Dr. Nathanson produced the 1985 film The Silent Scream, which shows sonogram images of a child in the womb shrinking from an abortionist’s instruments, and the documentary film Eclipse of Reason, which displays and explains various abortion procedures in graphic detail. Both films had a significant impact on the abortion debate, solidified his credentials among pro-life advocates and earned him the scorn of his former pro-abortion friends and colleagues.’ 

As I’ve said in my precious article, we must be doing something right when Facebook and other social media sites go to such extreme lengths to try to silence us.  Keep sharing pro-life articles and the posts from our blog.  We cannot allow the pro-death bullies to suppress our free speech!

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